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  • 13 may 2020

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  • Yuvraj Sehgal
    Yuvraj Sehgal Hace 6 meses

    Now Thor will try to do 101 sit-ups everyday.

  • 1K subscribers without any videos

    Fun fact: His muscles make him look short, but he is 192cm. Imagine how giant he is

  • Francisco Laurean
    Francisco Laurean Hace 5 meses

    Now imagine if he also did 100 push ups, 100 squats and ran 10 km as well

  • PyramidCeres
    PyramidCeres Hace 4 meses

    His abs must be insanely thick to be showing up through the body fat. All that deadlifting has really strengthened his core.

  • eli eli
    eli eli Hace 5 meses

    Plot twist: he did all of the same day and was changing clothes

  • Eriko. Oy
    Eriko. Oy Hace 6 meses (editado)

    Fun fact: The situps aren't actually sped up, Eddie is just hydrated

  • artist45
    artist45 Hace 4 meses (editado)

    I am nearing end stages of terminal cancer. I found your videos a month or so ago and I鈥檝e been binge watching ever since! I鈥檝e become a huge fan and I鈥檒l be rooting for you at the boxing match. Not sure if I鈥檒l still be around but good luck! You deserve the win. Just want to add, I鈥檓 a Canadian female.

  • Memes World
    Memes World Hace 2 meses

    I paused the video so that he can take a rest

  • Nate Kelly
    Nate Kelly Hace 5 meses

    Hero name: Eddie "The Beast" Hall

  • Tony Bellew
    Tony Bellew Hace 2 meses

    Shall i do my sit ups in the gym? Nah! Outside? Nah! Any one of our 30 bedrooms? Nah! I鈥檒l jus do them here in the middle of the kitchen?

  • John T
    John T Hace 6 meses

    鈥淵ou can鈥檛 be over 360lbs AND have abs鈥

    RANDOM DANK Hace 4 meses

    Fact: the tattoo on his chest means 鈥淪trength鈥

  • Ruben Vanspauwen
    Ruben Vanspauwen Hace 4 meses

    I like emagening Eddie sitting at home with his legs crossed reading our comments

  • Big Boy
    Big Boy Hace 5 meses

    Guys let鈥檚 all do it together the 100 sit ups each day for a months

  • haakis
    haakis Hace 6 meses

    My favorite part of the video was when he did that sit-up

  • Domingo Bustamante
    Domingo Bustamante Hace 6 meses

    Eddie is slowly turning into a everyones worst nightmare, a crossfitter!

  • Jeff Smith
    Jeff Smith Hace 4 meses

    Having a six pack at that body weight is astonishing. Shows just how strong these guys cores are in the first place. Probably around 20% body fat when competing, but you take it from 20% to say 16% like he's done and you're ripped. Impressive.

  • Tanner88
    Tanner88 Hace 6 meses

    I鈥檓 a disabled Army Vet. Thank you for showing something so basic that can help turn anyones life around. Your a cool dude. 馃憤

  • Mundane
    Mundane Hace 5 meses

    Worlds strongest "bench"

  • Marjannuel Saturnino
    Marjannuel Saturnino Hace 6 meses

    Thor's next video: "I tried 100 sit-ups per day for 31 days"