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  • 3 mar. 2020

  • After hearing tales of a forest healer, you arrive in the Great Forest of Zetria. After what feels like hours of wandering, you find yourself in a hidden glade. What dangers await, and what might you discover? I special thanks to Kea for more of her amazing art! https://www.instagram.com/keadrxws/ A special thank you to my Desertboi patrons; TyrannynoTenchi, Krista Tidwell, & Athena Fox. Want a sneak peak into my life? Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hollow_va/?... Why not check out my Discord and hang out with me there? Discord: https://discord.gg/axrKBBj If you liked the video, why not consider buying me a coffee? https://ko-fi.com/hollow_va Want give me some extra support? Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/hollowasmr (All art used belongs to the artist)


  • Sad Canadian
    Sad Canadian Hace 7 meses

    “Who goes there?”

  • Alice Guala
    Alice Guala Hace 7 meses

    "How the hECk did you get here, go away"

  • laterlamp lampylamp
    laterlamp lampylamp Hace 7 meses

    “the spirits truly have a plan for you”

  • JayAshBran AudioScripts

    “Did the wood elves grant you their blessing?”

  • Moonlight Audios
    Moonlight Audios Hace 7 meses

    One does not simply walk into Zetria.

  • Dynasty Destiny
    Dynasty Destiny Hace 7 meses

    All mythical and mystic creatures have the ability to be made adorable and are underappreciated and noone can change my mind

  • That’s not very cash money of you

    “Did the wood elves deign to grant you their blessing”

  • Kirby cutie
    Kirby cutie Hace 7 meses

    Dude you're getting fancy as with all these sound effects, like these getting wayyy to immersive. Also Kea's art, like omg its getting better every thumbnail it's amazing!!!

  • Leiytaa
    Leiytaa Hace 7 meses

    him:"and you are?"

  • mirio togata
    mirio togata Hace 7 meses

    " don't drag your feet or the wolfsegner will get you"

  • lkbyrne98
    lkbyrne98 Hace 7 meses

    Look I went into a Walmart with no curse then came out with one I don’t even know how I got into your forest. But you seem like a fungi so I’ll come along.

  • MegaBlueKitten
    MegaBlueKitten Hace 7 meses

    Listening this walking home. Trying my hardest not to have a stupid grin on my face but I think I'm failing 😅🤣

  • *Steph*
    *Steph* Hace 7 meses


  • NekoNinjaNightmare
    NekoNinjaNightmare Hace 7 meses

    when you make a jail break and end up being more lost but end up possibly getting with a druid until the most trusted elf comes knocking XD

  • Monica Sherman
    Monica Sherman Hace 7 meses

    Alright, the last tree related entity/person I met who called me an adventurer was a yandere...

  • Akaash
    Akaash Hace 7 meses

    ahh, i love this character sm. he’s such a sweetheart. and i appreciate the mentions of the other characters we’ve seen! the leshen, wolfsegner, all that jazz~

  • lucid dreamer
    lucid dreamer Hace 7 meses

    So I’m rampaging through a forest, bringing trouble to those I meet (ex. They have to save me, stop me from stealing, heal me), and falling in love with pretty much everyone I encounter, not knowing if/when I will ever see (hear?) them again? And might I mention not one of them are the same species as me?

  • Mary Elizabeth
    Mary Elizabeth Hace 7 meses


  • VanillaCubcake
    VanillaCubcake Hace 7 meses

    So many references to previous videos... Makes me wonder if all these happened to the same listener and we're the most talented escape artist out there

  • non.existant
    non.existant Hace 7 meses (editado)

    notification pops up: