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  • 19 nov. 2018

  • Promoted Song - In this video, I showcase what I feel are the best rap hooks of 2018! Thanks for watching and subscribe for more! 🔊 My Spotify Playlist! (updated weekly) - Outro Song? - How to contact me for business or questions! Email - Or just DM me on insta via: @inteNsifyCharts MSUDrawings (designed my new logo) - My Instagram - My Twitter -


  • inteNsifyCharts
    inteNsifyCharts Hace 1 año

    Song of the Day! -

  • Aarons
    Aarons Hace 1 año

    also I forgot SR3MM was a thing tbh. Disappointing as hell

  • Not Coming
    Not Coming Hace 1 año (editado)

    Y’all can’t lie X was the king with hooks that just hit you randomly.

  • Term
    Term Hace 1 año

    Ned Flanders a underrated ass song.

  • B
    B Hace 1 año

    U the goat for including 88Glam . They really underrated

  • c
    c Hace 1 año

    hopeless romantic - wiz khalifa and swae lee was pretty good ngl

  • Blake Jenkins
    Blake Jenkins Hace 1 año

    Tay k is the most talented criminal

  • Jämës Jämës
    Jämës Jämës Hace 1 año

    When X is making the billboards more than the alive rappers.

  • blake duffy
    blake duffy Hace 1 año

    didn’t expect to see 151 rum, happy it’s here tho

  • Cyber Space
    Cyber Space Hace 1 año

    Weird to see Mac in that coffin because he literally is now.

  • Them Boys
    Them Boys Hace 1 año

    Most catchy songs of 2018

  • Aarons
    Aarons Hace 1 año

    Great video

  • MonkeyKing
    MonkeyKing Hace 1 año (editado)

    That lil mosey album went hard

  • Maravatito 04
    Maravatito 04 Hace 1 año


  • YizzY KpAlot
    YizzY KpAlot Hace 1 año

    Wat bout lil uzi vert new patek

  • Jrcsteez
    Jrcsteez Hace 1 año

    Joji threw me way off..

    DEMONTE SW Hace 1 año

    Where tf is DRIP TOO HARD

  • Slimeuzi
    Slimeuzi Hace 1 año


  • Mexican Platypus
    Mexican Platypus Hace 1 año

    He said x was his fav but honestly I think he’s obsessed with Denzel Curry

  • Viii NooB
    Viii NooB Hace 1 año

    Gunna wasn’t even on Yosemite it’s a copy of Sold put dates