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  • 10 mar. 2009

  • Celine Dion: Live on CBS That's Just the Woman in Me The Canadian singer performs in a concert from the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles, featuring duets with Josh Groban ("The Prayer") and will.i.am ("Eyes on Me"). Other songs include "My Heart Will Go On," "Because You Loved Me" and "Taking Chances."


  • Nate Halsey
    Nate Halsey Hace 3 meses (editado)

    Who's still here in 2020?

  • aline gunawan
    aline gunawan Hace 4 meses

    Whose watching this video on march 2020 like I do? Hands up!!

  • susan cinek
    susan cinek Hace 4 meses

    I listened to this again today and it is especially comforting during this current Corona virus outbreak. Wonderful and inspirational.

  • Liberty and Justice
    Liberty and Justice Hace 1 día


  • Vernonia Ballet
    Vernonia Ballet Hace 4 años

    My 10 year old just said, "Mom, that must be what Jesus sounded like when He sang." 3

  • It’s_Champ_Boys
    It’s_Champ_Boys Hace 2 meses (editado)


  • Pemik Blue
    Pemik Blue Hace 3 meses (editado)

    A little pray for all those victims in Italy from Coronavirus.

  • Robert Genovese
    Robert Genovese Hace 2 meses

    My wife passed away 3 weeks ago, this song tore me up, and it lifted my spirits.

  • Loretta Arzaga
    Loretta Arzaga Hace 2 semanas

    She is so gracious, I wished I'd caught her in concert..I'm late in becoming a fan

  • Ruth Telford
    Ruth Telford Hace 3 meses

    I haven't heard this for a while but it is so timely. Lead us to a place where we'll all be safe.....

  • Rosario Vidanes [Lowman ES]

    ThanksGod for their heavenly voice, it’s so comforting and touching.God bless the whole world .

  • Judith Malan
    Judith Malan Hace 1 mes

    Yes. I agree. I have just listened again as well.

  • Antilles1974
    Antilles1974 Hace 3 meses

    Josh's voice is so rich I gained 20 pounds just listening

  • Renee Slarve
    Renee Slarve Hace 2 meses

    Josh Groban has the voice that was blessed by God.

  • yuliantowisnuputra
    yuliantowisnuputra Hace 2 meses

    Oh Dio che tutto sai, ricordati di noi

  • Seretta Martin
    Seretta Martin Hace 3 meses

    Let us all listen to uplifting music and be kind and loving, especially during these trying times around the globe which is our mutual home!

  • Jay Jamieson
    Jay Jamieson Hace 3 meses

    Amen.. The whole world should be praying this prayer to God... Call on the name of the Lord!

  • York Spring
    York Spring Hace 3 años

    As a muslim who finds this beautiful and respects other people it makes me really sad to think about the conflicts happening between religions. It's so depressing how people can find reason to kill and disrespect others in every little aspect.این آقا! این آقا یکی از بهترینهاستhank you for your time fine women and gentle men friends cross many sea's, and just see how far we've come as the most highly evolved biped .aaahhh once again I am humbled by you're glory and stand blinded by your beauty.

  • Michelle Carroll
    Michelle Carroll Hace 2 meses

    This song could not be more appropriate right now. “Lead us to a place, guide us with your grace, to a place where we’ll be safe.”

  • Susan Harris
    Susan Harris Hace 3 meses

    Magnifico - gives me the chills