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  • 14 ago 2014

  • Dundee United take on the first Crossbar Challenge of the 2014/15 season, with comedian Phil Reid providing special guest commentary! Watch Soccer AM every Saturday morning live on Sky Sports. Subscribe to Sky Sports Official for the best videos from Sky Sports! About Sky Sports Official: Sky Sports Official is the home of Sky Sports on YouTube, bringing you the best sports videos from around the world. From amazing pieces of action and 'How To' tutorials from Game Changers with some of the biggest names in sport, (including David Beckham, Andy Murray and Jessica Ennis-Hill) to the latest news, features, documentaries from our live and magazine shows, including Soccer AM, The Fantasy Football Club, Game Changers, Monday Night Football and Super Sunday. Follow us on Twitter: and Like us on Facebook: For more great content head to


  • Sam Kenward
    Sam Kenward Hace 6 años

    That Mick McCarthy impression was the best

  • baldragonmods
    baldragonmods Hace 6 años

    Nae GMS, Telfer or Shifty? Big Jarek is the man. Shedded out of his nut!

  • mcalpha3
    mcalpha3 Hace 5 años


  • Ed Mackey
    Ed Mackey Hace 6 años

    Quality commentary😂👏

  • phone711
    phone711 Hace 6 años

    Love the Voiceovers Amazing :).. keep em coming 

  • Seijuu Sentai Gingaman
    Seijuu Sentai Gingaman Hace 6 años

    That commentator is amazing

  • Kajetan Osicki
    Kajetan Osicki Hace 6 años

    JAREK FOJUUT ! Polska :D

  • LaFlameWRLD
    LaFlameWRLD Hace 6 años

    I support them I saw them do this but I never knew it was for soccer am

  • Zoe Marcell
    Zoe Marcell Hace 1 año

    2019 anyone??

  • baldragonmods
    baldragonmods Hace 6 años

    Nae GMS, Telfer or Shifty? Big Jarek is the man. Shedded out of his nut!

  • SjA200_
    SjA200_ Hace 6 años

    Where was Ciftci and Mackay Steven?

  • sorankurdi
    sorankurdi Hace 5 años

    impressions were spot on  

  • Grain Mate
    Grain Mate Hace 6 años

    He's a great player got amazing talent

  • Adnan
    Adnan Hace 6 años

    Great mourinho impersonation

  • Liam K
    Liam K Hace 6 años

    Fantastic, no doubt about that.

  • h1992 uk
    h1992 uk Hace 6 años

    Paul Reid wow!

  • Bella De Gentrio
    Bella De Gentrio Hace 5 años

    Can you do a new one for Aberdeen

  • K J
    K J Hace 6 años

    Ahahaha Jose

  • Kuma Gawa
    Kuma Gawa Hace 6 años

    Description says Phil reid.

  • Conrado PrywatnośćGogle

    Jarek, szalejesz!