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  • 13 feb. 2018

  • CUCO - Cupid's Quiver (Audio) Stream Wannabewithu:


  • jaycuco
    jaycuco Hace 2 años

    Anyone need a hug?

  • Itseliiii
    Itseliiii Hace 1 año

    To whoever got their heartbroken don’t worry love you’re gonna be okay they don’t deserve your tears

  • Samat manlai
    Samat manlai Hace 1 año

    lover is day+lava lamp= Cupid's quiver

  • Rashel Vazquez
    Rashel Vazquez Hace 7 meses

    He sounded so hurt when he said "you still love him" I'm not oK

  • Angel
    Angel Hace 2 años

    gives off sad feelings while my life is positive

  • nugg
    nugg Hace 9 meses (editado)

    No one:

  • Evets366
    Evets366 Hace 1 año (editado)


  • Emily Sorensen
    Emily Sorensen Hace 10 meses

    This song hits different when your crying at 3 am thinkin about your ex

  • SquidWard
    SquidWard Hace 8 meses

    I fell asleep driving on the highway while listening to this song. I hit the sidewalls but got lucky and my wheel took the entire impact. Let's just say I'll never listen to this while driving again💀

  • sad _sis
    sad _sis Hace 5 meses (editado)

    I went to my school's valentine's day dance the other day by myself (we have it earlier than the actual day every year) and just kinda watched all the couples slow dance in the corner. I was listening to this song. I definitely got some sad yet nostalgic vibes

  • mistas gf
    mistas gf Hace 1 año

    underrated tbh

  • - Philly
    - Philly Hace 1 año

    Damn I miss my ex bruh

  • Wavy Aaron
    Wavy Aaron Hace 1 año

    I miss her man she’s the love of my life I’ll wait for her tho

  • Softo ando Wetto
    Softo ando Wetto Hace 1 año

    I'm usually a Guns N Roses type of guy but holy shit, this artist got me hooked to this genre. I think I'm in love

  • sarah
    sarah Hace 2 años

    FIRST. ok but this song makes me cry

  • Meme Machine29
    Meme Machine29 Hace 1 año

    I should of told her I loved her but i was to late

  • a lost lonely loser
    a lost lonely loser Hace 1 año

    I’m having a Cuco marathon and I regret nothing

  • Nico Quijon
    Nico Quijon Hace 6 meses

    I can imagine myself in an abandoned asylum and this is playing at 3am

  • Jhqn SL
    Jhqn SL Hace 1 año

    Como tener depresión en 3 pasos

    *DEATH-TXNES* Hace 6 meses

    This song is underappreciated asf