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  • 7 sept. 2018

  • Destiny 2 All Dreaming City Region Chest Locations (Dreaming City Region Chests Locations Guide) All gameplay recorded with - This guide shows you all Dreaming City Region Chest Locations in Destiny 2. The Dreaming City are 12 Region Chests located. On your map you can spot a small symbol which shows where a Region Chest is located, after you collect a Region Chest the symbol disappears. 00:06 - Region Chest #01 (Divalian Mists) 00:40 - Region Chest #02 (Divalian Mists) 01:11 - Region Chest #03 (Divalian Mists) 02:05 - Region Chest #04 (Divalian Mists) 02:47 - Region Chest #05 (Rheasilvia) 03:44 - Region Chest #06 (Rheasilvia) 04:10 - Region Chest #07 (Rheasilvia) 05:00 - Region Chest #08 (Rheasilvia) 06:01 - Region Chest #09 (The Strand) 06:42 - Region Chest #10 (The Strand) 07:12 - Region Chest #11 (The Strand) 07:52 - Region Chest #12 (The Strand) Destiny 2 All Guides: Destiny 2 Forsaken Bounties: Destiny 2 Forsaken Guides: Special Thanks to the Patreon Donators: cptObbes, suedwanderer, Dikau Support / Donate: Paypal: Patreon: Visit my sites / partner: Partner: Twitter: Subscribe: Achievements / Trophies:


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  • Wolfy2929
    Wolfy2929 Hace 1 año

    I give up on number 5.

  • Simiakos Roditis
    Simiakos Roditis Hace 2 años

    How come there is no triumph to complete after find all chests like on the other planets?

  • Cytus 07
    Cytus 07 Hace 1 año

    That chest at

  • Roni Choupique
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  • TheQwaz
    TheQwaz Hace 9 meses

    The one that you open at the

  • ryan donavon
    ryan donavon Hace 1 año

    Hunter jumps are dumb I can't get that damn chest in rheasilvia with my hunter 😭

  • old_man_draco
    old_man_draco Hace 10 meses

    Welp there it is. Chest #5. Something us hunters can't get.

  • Jack 1D1 PS
    Jack 1D1 PS Hace 2 años

    Thanks, I'm gonna keep watching for any tips whatever game. I like that you keep it simple little or no yakking like some of the others and vid guide makes it straight forward. 😉

  • Mike S
    Mike S Hace 1 año

    Does anyone know why there's no triumph, under "Destinations", for opening all the region chests in the Dreaming City?

  • yasiu
    yasiu Hace 1 año

    Thanks! Got my last one in Mists thanks to you. I must be blind that I missed it before :D

  • Charles Burke
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    Your videos have been a sanity saver... if we ever meet in person, l will buy you a drink - coffee, tea, soda, alcoholic... your choice!! 🍻😆

  • Edward
    Edward Hace 3 semanas

    Definitely a nightmare, thanks for the guide!

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    Great as always, thanks.

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    Awesome job for the 1 at

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    Thanks so much really helpful

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    Your videos are very easy to follow. Keep up the good work.

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