Dragon Ball Z Abridged Episode 60 Part 2 by TeamFourStar RHCrew Reaction Descargar

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  • 8 sept. 2018

  • Shorty P, Duke, & Jackhammer Jay react to Dragon Ball Z Abridged Episode 60 Part 2 Parody RHCrew Reaction. Please tel us in the comments what ou thought about the video and what made you laugh. Also remember to like subscribe, & comment on our channel to help us increase our reach!


  • Digital Adventurer
    Digital Adventurer Hace 1 año

    To be fair Gohan was most likely holding back when he countered Cell's Kamehameha as he wanted to torture him for awhile before finishing him off.

  • Howlcifer
    Howlcifer Hace 1 año

    is the middle guy even alive? He's like a corpse..

  • Nostalgiatron
    Nostalgiatron Hace 1 año

    What's the song in the intro? it sounds pretty good

  • Humble Opinion
    Humble Opinion Hace 1 año

    great job on this one.