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  • 6 abr 2017

  • How to Install Concrete Fence Posts When concreting fence posts into the ground the posts should be buried a minimum of 600mm deep the recommended depth for a 1.80m or 6 foot high fence is 760mm or two foot six inches. Concrete fence posts can be installed with either a mixture of ballast and cement or postfix.


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    Good job

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    Very informative.Thank you for uploading.More power to you.

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    JD Transport Hace 2 años

    Nice videos, some good ideas. Thanks JD.

  • Ovidiu Turcu
    Ovidiu Turcu Hace 2 años

    how long do you let the concrete dry (after you installed the posts) before installing the concrete panels?

  • prabhjot singh
    prabhjot singh Hace 2 años

    please provide reinforcement details and section of RCC post

  • Gajendra Advikar
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    Can this install in akola in vidhrabh MH and about build quality what you say?

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    OHHWAOOO! Anyone take a guess at what they're doing with that rubber hose after they stand it up?

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    The way they use rubber hose with water inside to make sure everything levels is very brilliant !!!

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    Got to like the bare feet around heavy cement posts.

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    I'm going to insist in steel toe shoes ,or i'm going to stop the job and give fines

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    Evergreen Agro Farm Hace 2 años

    How much expensive if I want to make a wall length 50ft and height 8ft