FULL RANKED GAME on ELITE OPS (18-8) || Critical ops 1.13.0 || VLRS Kippeh Descargar

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  • 3 ene. 2020

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  • Coolmark
    Coolmark Hace 6 meses

    Best player EU?? Or is it twist 🤪

  • o Turbo
    o Turbo Hace 6 meses

    KOTIFEY_YT this popular cops player in Russian community!

  • cup cake
    cup cake Hace 6 meses (editado)

    Kippeh : u said intel

  • PEYP
    PEYP Hace 6 meses

    Strong:I AM BEST

  • ayam goreng
    ayam goreng Hace 6 meses

    Kippeh is really professional in his attitude, always motivating his team not like JW47 who is not professional at all scolding his teammates, he might be good skill-wise but attitude-wise not the best

  • Audy -
    Audy - Hace 6 meses


  • Seeker COPS
    Seeker COPS Hace 6 meses

    What a Ranked Warrior ❤

  • Tranquil Dawn
    Tranquil Dawn Hace 6 meses

    tw1st : i am the best

  • Holo :3
    Holo :3 Hace 6 meses

    О котефей:D

    DEMAN iOS Hace 6 meses

    Всем тип пох что там KOTIFEY?

  • SukhiGaming
    SukhiGaming Hace 6 meses

    Pls read this comment, I want to play with you, pro men,1😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Razvan Harus
    Razvan Harus Hace 6 meses


  • SukhiGaming
    SukhiGaming Hace 5 meses


  • TricKery -
    TricKery - Hace 6 meses

    Copycat using a song I used in one of my previous highlights xD you did it better go ngl keep it ip

  • vShmely
    vShmely Hace 6 meses

    Bruh wtf? U add in friend's plat 4 d own can u add me GS Eyes diamond 2 good Player please?

  • TheRealCuack [Yeez]
    TheRealCuack [Yeez] Hace 6 meses

    Hello, Kippeh, i see you in death match!!! And you say me "Hi".

  • Jack hey hey hey
    Jack hey hey hey Hace 5 meses

    Can you win head level cuz I'm getting stressed out LMAO I mean you don't have to do it but pls do for maybe some other veiwers

  • X T REX
    X T REX Hace 6 meses

    Excuse me, how are you doing the more precise look is activated or is only my thing XD

  • xxx TurEs
    xxx TurEs Hace 6 meses

    Can anybody help me, Im trying to download critical ops again, can’t find it in the App store even if I searched Critical Ops

    ULTRAFORCE79 Hace 6 meses

    New sub here! I hope for more games like these on ur channel :)