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  • 17 nov. 2013

  • ✬____________________________________________ Tan x Eun Sang x Young Do The Heirs/Inheritors MV ep 1-12 Song: Love ya - JD Relic's cover


  • xOrdinaryNerdx
    xOrdinaryNerdx Hace 3 años

    I swear Park Shin Hye haven't age ever since Tree of Heaven. She looks the same.

  • Self Goddes
    Self Goddes Hace 1 año

    Everytime i come back here. Shin Hye and Min Ho pls give us another drama like this.

  • Pearl Rebucas
    Pearl Rebucas Hace 6 años

    I prefer the scenes of young do and eun sang... Hehehe

  • xDelicateMuse
    xDelicateMuse Hace 6 años

    interesting cover and i agree about love triangles. they always leave me SO conflicted!

  • FrFre Min
    FrFre Min Hace 1 año

    5 years ago this fanmade change my life ... I Walk into new world named Kpop... I still love this fanmade this song, but Kpop, ss501, shinee, jonghyun and specialy SUPERJUNIOR... gives me so much pain... I wish it had a happy ending just like movies... but unfortunately there isn't 🖤

  • bhavya raj
    bhavya raj Hace 1 año

    I really like this edit its much more super than the original version song ... And like this drama

  • Yourethetruthinme
    Yourethetruthinme Hace 6 años

    oohhh, I haven't watched this drama yet, but after watching this vid

  • Elf
    Elf Hace 5 años

    Gerçekten bayılıyorum  bu video ve şarkıya 

  • Kpop_ Saran
    Kpop_ Saran Hace 5 años

    Its so good ss501.. ☺

  • Mariam
    Mariam Hace 2 años

    SS501 ❤️ , who from 2018 ?

  • Okty Risa Makartia
    Okty Risa Makartia Hace 5 años

    Love this song,and also the Drama.... :*

  • Beberly Jison
    Beberly Jison Hace 5 años

    I like it story the hiers....love mwahhh:)*

  • prssn Nada
    prssn Nada Hace 5 años

    J'ai vue cette vidéo au moins 20 fois tellement qu'elle est bien:)

  • Faizal Sahib
    Faizal Sahib Hace 3 años

    You know that I tried being happy for you. even my dreams would never come true, what can I do. if you would look back at me your smile is all that I need. 😍😍Loved these lines 😭😭

  • Naba Naba
    Naba Naba Hace 4 años


  • space trip
    space trip Hace 5 años

    omg i love this soooooooo much 3

  • Nada btk
    Nada btk Hace 1 año

    I really loved the edit and the song ❤️

  • ogdayflow
    ogdayflow Hace 6 años

    kya! love this vid! XD

  • rim zr
    rim zr Hace 6 años

    OMG this is just PPERFECT very good job :-)

  • menamarco87
    menamarco87 Hace 6 años

    I swear this is so good ! :D I ship.eunsang with youngdo too !