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  • 13 may. 2019

  • Everything you need to know... I did not post my journey when I began cause I wanted to see progress myself before letting people in on what I was doing. So don’t think it happened quick just because I wasn’t sharing the process. It took time and dedication and I wish that for you on your journey ♥️ So for clarity (and anything I left out) Gym (20% of your weight loss) - do cardio. losing calories = losing weight. - I only needed to go 3 times according to the app but I went 4 times a week. - the app is called “Running for Weightloss” on iTunes. Not sure about android. Diet (80% of your weight loss) - think of it as a change of lifestyle and not a diet - this will help you make gradual changes to apply into your normal everyday eating that will stick around even after you’ve reached your goal so that you don’t relapse - I did not eat after 6pm - if I wanted to eat something nice that I was craving in that moment, I ate it - I did not have cheat days. They can set you back a but. (One snack in that moment vs. a whole day of eating nonsense, you know?) Extras - be consistent - don’t quit if you have an off day, start again tomorrow - it won’t happen overnight so be patient and don’t focus on the numbers but rather focus on looking how you want to look and feeling good - just be healthy about it. it lasts longer and works out better for you in the long run *Disclaimer: I am in no way saying you will have the same results as me by following this. I am not a dietitian and my knowledge is purely based on personal experience. ___ For business / collaboration inquiries: Follow me on my social media Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: x


  • Zoe_ M
    Zoe_ M Hace 1 año (editado)

    😭💔 people are so cruel! Society made me feel bad for being thick(was called fat! Big mama! All those nasty names) until I lost weight! Still nothing good came out of it, they told me how "weird" my body looks💔, everybody assumed that I was sick😭 like wtf do y'all want!😢 I gained weight again & this time I did it for me! Not people!😍😍❤

  • Sikholiwe Sokhulu
    Sikholiwe Sokhulu Hace 1 año

    You lost me at vegetarian...

  • Mwinji Mwila
    Mwinji Mwila Hace 1 año

    So hoping gym wouldn’t be included 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Tshiamo Mafolo
    Tshiamo Mafolo Hace 1 año

    "I lIkEd tHe BeFoRe YoU" y'all were not there through her insecurities, discomfort and health issues she felt because of the weight. Thanks for this mother of snacks, motivated. 💕

  • Esther R
    Esther R Hace 1 año

    Mental preparation is the most important for achieving weight loss goals, its the foundation!

  • Yanga Mpetsheni
    Yanga Mpetsheni Hace 1 año

    I gym and diet in my mind😩

  • Dominion Monama
    Dominion Monama Hace 1 año

    "I was a balloon " ,I'm laughing but I know the struggle

  • sarah mbui
    sarah mbui Hace 1 año

    If you could only post a 'come with me to the gym'😫would really love to see the type of workouts you do😍☺

  • Sikelelwa Nogcazi
    Sikelelwa Nogcazi Hace 1 año

    No interest in losing weight but I'm watching anyways😍

  • Tsebo Tsotetsi
    Tsebo Tsotetsi Hace 1 año (editado)

    Alternative - Nike run club and Nike Training Club

  • Tirelo Mputle
    Tirelo Mputle Hace 1 año

    The waaay I'm starting today!

  • love love
    love love Hace 1 año (editado)

    You're just too beautiful.

  • Mandisa
    Mandisa Hace 1 año

    You were fine with that body😘 but I also love this one too ♥️

  • Masibulele Buthelezi
    Masibulele Buthelezi Hace 1 año

    First view 💃🏿 first like 💃🏿 first comment 😭🤣

  • Nompilo Nkabinde
    Nompilo Nkabinde Hace 1 año

    Your lipstick 😭😭❤️🔥

  • Kea
    Kea Hace 1 año

    Yes, people legitimately always have something to say about your weight thixo

  • Xhamla Sithonga
    Xhamla Sithonga Hace 1 año

    Long freaking awaited 😩😍

  • thumeka tashy
    thumeka tashy Hace 1 año

    You looked good then and you still look good now😍😊 mother of the snacks😚😘💐

  • Millie N
    Millie N Hace 1 año

    The consistency, the quality, the content. My fave!!!! Thank you mother of snacks

  • Esona Diana Jaca
    Esona Diana Jaca Hace 1 año

    I relate so much in that part of signing up for gym and still stay in bed.