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  • 17 jul. 2019

  • Nicole built a swimming pool in her backyard in Holland. The handywoman lives in the Netherlands, in Amsterdam-Duivendrecht. You can follow the entire process of building the plunge, a small or tiny swimming pool. And maybe you also get inspiration for: Build your own swimming pool. In all the videos we have used the great music of BenSound Many thanks! Copyright video Nicole Michael. No duplication allowed. Buidt your own pool :-)


  • Kathy Johnson
    Kathy Johnson Hace 8 meses

    Never mess with a determined woman, she kicks ass ❤

  • jay fine
    jay fine Hace 2 semanas

    Let’s just all agree on one thing- Nicole is freaking amazing.

  • jeankebos
    jeankebos Hace 3 semanas

    When he finally finished his youtube video the dude realised he was married to Superwoman.

  • Grey Murdock
    Grey Murdock Hace 3 semanas

    This woman is a real inspiration... I was a tile and stone mason for 6 years and a concrete finisher for 3 years. This lady’s quality of work succeeds a lot of the masons I’ve worked with... real feminists should be paying attention to women like this. Who don’t toot their own horn, while taking on projects like this single handedly... great job!

  • Thibo AK
    Thibo AK Hace 1 mes

    I don’t know what her daily routine is but imagine having a full time job & 3 children and still beieng able to spend the last bit of time that u have to build a pool for your children.. RESPECT!

  • Rodrigo Polido
    Rodrigo Polido Hace 7 meses

    Nicole got tired of watching random asian people on youtube doing pools in the middle of forests

  • Serious_Sam
    Serious_Sam Hace 3 semanas

    Dear Nicole, if there would be an award for a super Mother and patient Wife, I think you definitely earned it! Life-changing people deserve a big respect !

  • Haf R
    Haf R Hace 1 semana

    If this was a real life game. It would be “ The Sims “ 😂

  • Golfwang Robert
    Golfwang Robert Hace 1 día

    I literally watched this from start to finish and i can honestly say this is the true definition of Hardwork, determination and never giving up.

  • ShariceOrNah
    ShariceOrNah Hace 1 semana

    * starts a diy project *

  • J S
    J S Hace 7 meses

    Kids: I Wish we had a pool

  • Elijah McDonald
    Elijah McDonald Hace 1 mes (editado)

    I might not understand what she is saying, but i do understand the amount of effort she put into that pool.

  • Golfwang Robert
    Golfwang Robert Hace 1 día

    I know people are probably giving Michael a hard time on not doing most of this but i gotta say this is EQUALITY at it's finest out of the workplace lol. Great Job Nicole😁😁😁

  • Mrdubomb
    Mrdubomb Hace 2 semanas

    "I would help but i have to film", such a gentleman.

  • Sheryl dela Cruz
    Sheryl dela Cruz Hace 1 mes

    Think she's an engineer or a builder she has full knowledge on every tools.

  • tp games
    tp games Hace 8 meses (editado)

    Most people would start a project like this and never finish

  • David Petty
    David Petty Hace 6 días

    I looked up the definition of a hard worker in the dictionary and saw Nicole’s picture there next to it. :) I’m so impressed with the quality of your work. Makes me want to built a small pool.

  • Jayden Swinford
    Jayden Swinford Hace 3 semanas

    I would never have that much patience...she has the patience of god

  • danielle moncur
    danielle moncur Hace 3 semanas

    This was just wonderful to see, she did a great job, i watched it til the very end. 👍👍

  • Tommaso Alfonso
    Tommaso Alfonso Hace 1 día

    Wow. She's so determinated. And then there's me, who can't even say "I'll go back to the gym Monday" and actually start going to the gym