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  • 14 ene 2013



  • brad arnold
    brad arnold Hace 6 años

    just wanted to thank you for all the videos will help me alot trying to get my 92 amiago going again.

  • lowzone73
    lowzone73 Hace 6 años

    Heat expands the cast parts faster then the crank and the PB Blaster gets into the pulley faster. it almost wicks the PB BLaster in....then i coat the crank with antiseize to make things easier the next time...

  • Jose Yoel Hernandez
    Jose Yoel Hernandez Hace 6 años

    thanks for all your videos, always help me repair my trooper baby

  • John Hickey
    John Hickey Hace 8 meses

    I need to see if you have a part for a 2.6 1988 trooper I could by from u. Email is hdchevy2500@

  • Tinnon Family Farm
    Tinnon Family Farm Hace 2 años

    Do you have videos on rear main seal of a 2.3L isuzu?

  • Sören Andersen
    Sören Andersen Hace 4 meses

    What brand of seal is good? I have had problems with this seal even thou I put a new one in year ago

  • 67cruiserbmw
    67cruiserbmw Hace 5 años

    thank you for the great video,i just did my timing belt and replaced the crankshaft seal,oil pump seal and o ring,still leaking oil from the front looks like its coming out from the crankshaft seal housing,my question, can i remove the crakshaft housing without taken the engine of the car. any help? 89 isuzu trooper 2.6 thanks

  • K Evans
    K Evans Hace 3 meses

    Video of seal replacement without an actual seal. Cool

  • lowzone73
    lowzone73 Hace 6 años


  • brfwizard
    brfwizard Hace 7 años

    might be stupid but i cannot get the main harmonic balancer bolt off. Trying to get harmonic balancer off to check timing but will not move what so ever. I have a cheaper 1/2 inch impact but will not phase it. is counterclockwise correct? or is it backwards threads? Also trying to time motor....You set motor at 12 degrees btdc then point distrib to #4? Tried but will not start. Get back fires sometimes but won't start. What am i doing wrong? it's 2.6l 89 amigo. non running when bought.