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  • 5 nov. 2008

  • Inspires me everytime i view this


  • Noneluna Mirang
    Noneluna Mirang Hace 3 años

    Yes, inspiring songs like these are pleasant to hear even in our daily chores....more time to listen now that classes are over....

  • Vdcapaz
    Vdcapaz Hace 9 años

    I'll sing this on Easter Sunday for the responsorial psalm ;)

  • Patrick Rizkallah
    Patrick Rizkallah Hace 8 años

    I like this song this is very beautiful music. They should add organ church to this song

  • Rommel Belmonte
    Rommel Belmonte Hace 9 años

    this is my moment to go solo with this song

  • ESE_ Marla
    ESE_ Marla Hace 4 años

    i now have more chances to listen to this song, and more church's songs. I really miss singing them in choir.

  • Dens Armian
    Dens Armian Hace 8 años

    these song was sang during our wedding

  • jun132007
    jun132007 Hace 9 años

    may gosh !! ang favorite psalm q ever !!

  • francis Deladia
    francis Deladia Hace 8 años

    i love this song....3

  • Francisco gumapac jr
    Francisco gumapac jr Hace 7 años

    i love this song

  • Yunit Mallari
    Yunit Mallari Hace 10 años

    dream solo.. hays..

  • mc alberto
    mc alberto Hace 8 años

    i will sing this inspiring psalm this coming 13th of May at St. Bernadette church, Calgary Alberta, Can. Kahanga hanga ang kanyang kabutihan

  • SafetyyInYoutube !
    SafetyyInYoutube ! Hace 5 años

    Happu Easter! Beautiful song!

  • CG Tamayao
    CG Tamayao Hace 9 años

    actually this is our responsorial psalm when there is big events especially like cicm

  • Lorren Arca
    Lorren Arca Hace 3 años

    So good to hear this kind of songs 😇 😊

  • Angelo CptnHellDrvr Dequiña

    Ito ang kinanta ng mommy during the feast of Christ the King sa chapel namin..very memorable sa kanya

  • Geline66
    Geline66 Hace 9 años

    It's very nicely done, kudos!

  • Daniella Therese Naganda

    Love listening to this song praise the lord

  • Rodney Lopez
    Rodney Lopez Hace 9 años

    grave ang ganda :)

  • Frederic Tioaquen
    Frederic Tioaquen Hace 4 años

    Wow...ang ganda naman ng kanta...

  • Raquel Largo
    Raquel Largo Hace 1 mes