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  • 10 may. 2018

  • Juice Wrld - Lucid Dreams Juice WRLD's Channel: http://bit.ly/Juice_WRLD http://smarturl.it/LucidDreamsJW Song Produced by Nick Mira Directed + Edited by Cole Bennett Director of Photography: Cole Schwartz Steadicam by Bayley Pokorney -- Official Channel of Cole Bennett / Lyrical Lemonade Subscribe for updates on music videos, interviews, performance videos, etc. Cole Bennett http://www.twitter.com/_colebennett_ http://www.instagram.com/_colebennett_ Lyrical Lemonade http://www.twitter.com/lyricalemonade http://www.instagram.com/lyricalemonade http://www.lyricallemonade.com


  • Iroh
    Iroh Hace 2 meses (editado)

    1977: Elvis Presley

  • hezky on mk
    hezky on mk Hace 1 día

    “Don’t cry because he died.” “Smile because he was born .”copied

  • fxlling
    fxlling Hace 2 días

    "We all die, the goal isn't to live forever, but to create something that will"

  • 8111y
    8111y Hace 2 días

    Imagine how many people are listening to this with you right now.

  • Fake_Didox YT
    Fake_Didox YT Hace 2 días

    RIP: Michael Jackson

    IC_JEAGER Hace 1 año (editado)

    When your Minecraft girlfriend dies and respawns in your homies bed (guys I wanna say the I posted thin comment before his passing long love Jarad)

  • brockly obama
    brockly obama Hace 2 días

    Theirs no thing as a fake fan everyone is a true loyal fan who miss juice wrld.

  • Rionplayz
    Rionplayz Hace 1 día


  • Just Ravens
    Just Ravens Hace 2 días

    All the dislikes are Australians trying to like it.

  • The black kid
    The black kid Hace 2 días

    Fun fact this song is in your playlist.

  • Lasagna 420
    Lasagna 420 Hace 1 año

    13 year olds after there first relationship fail

  • adam elraey
    adam elraey Hace 2 días

    These drugs killed one physically, but millions mentally

  • Khian Reyes
    Khian Reyes Hace 1 día

    No, no, no

    PHOENIX Hace 2 días

    “If I keep taking these pills I won’t be here” - Juice WRLD

  • Patr1̷ck
    Patr1̷ck Hace 3 días (editado)

    "Who knew evil girls had the prettiest face"

  • The black kid
    The black kid Hace 2 días

    The people who disliked have never felt heartbreak.

  • Samu H
    Samu H Hace 1 día

    Kids in 2040 will be saying “I was born in the wrong generation” when they hear this music

  • Elizabeth Bean
    Elizabeth Bean Hace 1 día

    One can save millions but sometimes millions can save one

  • Kendel modglin
    Kendel modglin Hace 4 días

    the 170K dislikes were from people crying upside down