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  • 3 jul 2018

  • SUMMER STARTS NOW http://smarturl.it/JTSoulMate


  • Dario D'aversa
    Dario D'aversa Hace 2 años


  • Kye Chun
    Kye Chun Hace 2 años

    if justin tried making a career out of doing the same thing every damn time then he wouldnt be where he is now. hes an artist. painters dont paint the same painting every time so why would anyone expect jt to make the same type of sound every time..? justified was different to nsyncs sound.. futuresex/lovesounds was different to justifieds sound.. 20/20 was different from fs/ls sound ect ect. this is what a true artist does and thats why hes a legend

  • Bart Delwig
    Bart Delwig Hace 2 años

    Man of the Beach

    MICHELLE Hace 2 años

    Im not even surprised that this song is so fkn DOPE. PRESIDENT OF POP YALL

  • Justin S.
    Justin S. Hace 2 años

    has a strawberry bubblegum feel to it.

  • Hồng Thắm Nguyễn
    Hồng Thắm Nguyễn Hace 2 años


  • Zach VYGR
    Zach VYGR Hace 2 años

    I thought we’d get a new track in six years

  • JAHubGoodvideos
    JAHubGoodvideos Hace 2 años

    The song is fine, but the Justin Timberlake summer single should be "Midnight Summer Jam".

  • CtrlAltTears
    CtrlAltTears Hace 2 años

    This makes me imagine the life I never had...

  • Kelvin
    Kelvin Hace 2 años

    Higher Higher for Single!

  • Cindy Summers
    Cindy Summers Hace 2 años

    Justin you are the best....

  • David C7mm27
    David C7mm27 Hace 2 años

    He's a good Singer I think he could have done better than another one night stand Song .

  • D
    D Hace 2 años

    Nice tune. Relaxing on a drive or on the beach or by the pool. Think I'll keep it and surely add it to a playlist or 2. Shout outs to JT for dropping us a little gift like this, while on tour.

  • Juan Diego
    Juan Diego Hace 2 años

    NOW everybody loves him, but when he released ''man of the woods'' he got all your hate, stupid people!

  • clue104
    clue104 Hace 2 años

    I thought "Wave" or "Higher Higher" was going to be the next single after "Say Something".

  • prettynina1000
    prettynina1000 Hace 2 años

    I feel like the pic of this single is an old pic of Justin's parents...

  • Anil Jadhav
    Anil Jadhav Hace 2 años

    justin i wanna be youre soulmate for next thousand years 😍😍😍😍😍

  • 193sora193
    193sora193 Hace 2 años

    why not release a music video for Midnight summer jam or Higher , higher ? they''re better summer songs imo

  • Loan Tường
    Loan Tường Hace 1 mes

    When everyone's in danger, Every one should remember: Falun Dafa is Good. Truthfulness, compassion and forbearance is Good! Pray for the world 🙏🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏

  • Jahaziel Cipolla
    Jahaziel Cipolla Hace 2 años

    JT is one of my favorite artists but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel underwhelmed