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  • 17 abr 2016

  • Watch in HD! Song: My Kind - Hilary Duff


  • Exitiosios
    Exitiosios Hace 4 años

    amy is hot...

  • catherinegrant
    catherinegrant Hace 4 años

    Awww so cute!!!!! 3

  • catherinegrant
    catherinegrant Hace 3 años

    i'm sobbing this was a terrible idea now i miss karmy and i miss youuuu we need to talk i am thinking of watching wynonna earp did you know? supergirl has destroyed my heart and i need comfort.

  • Angie
    Angie Hace 4 años

    This is soooo beautiful. 😭💕

  • Bechloe Bitchell
    Bechloe Bitchell Hace 4 años

    these are really cute hope u keep on making them! :)

  • Simone Tadaaa
    Simone Tadaaa Hace 4 años

    Please never stop making these kind of videos😍

  • Saga Ômarsdóttir
    Saga Ômarsdóttir Hace 4 años

    sob its so good i cant even

  • happy96ize
    happy96ize Hace 4 años

    best video about the both ever

  • Donald Mcauliffe
    Donald Mcauliffe Hace 10 meses

    Faking it Continues in 2020 with new actors to continue the third season college students doing it for college credit

  • zaid ansari
    zaid ansari Hace 3 años

    I love Amy karma...

  • Feeh T.C.J
    Feeh T.C.J Hace 3 años

    queria ter visto o namoro delas, que no final iam descobrir que são apenas amigas enfim ... mas queria ver ❤

  • IAmKallen Kaslana
    IAmKallen Kaslana Hace 5 meses

    How am I just seeing this vid 😫

  • angel dgm
    angel dgm Hace 4 años

    Can you make a Karmy video with the Tegan and Sara song Boyfriend? pretty please ;w;

  • Horror Anonymous
    Horror Anonymous Hace 2 años

    When is there gonna be season 4 😩

  • Donald Mcauliffe
    Donald Mcauliffe Hace 2 años

    Note july 20 2018 a college in Texas is doing a play based on faking it first season. For two weeks. I will put the information on my computer the play will be in October. 2018 the college has said the money is for new school library

  • IAmKallen Kaslana
    IAmKallen Kaslana Hace 5 meses

    I know thats Hilary Duff song but who is covering this song tho?

  • Aparna pyne
    Aparna pyne Hace 1 año

    Nice video