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  • 7 abr. 2014

  • KISS front man Paul Stanley has written the memoir "Face the Music: A Life Exposed." Stanley sat down with CBS News' Anthony Mason to discuss his ongoing feuds with his former band mates and being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


  • Fok Julie
    Fok Julie Hace 5 meses

    I’d love to sit down and talk with this guy. He’s so intelligent and personable. The music isn’t bad either 😉

  • Mike Contreras
    Mike Contreras Hace 1 año

    This guy is extremely intelligent!!

  • Arthur Bishop
    Arthur Bishop Hace 4 años

    On Gene Simmons:

  • Chas Killcode
    Chas Killcode Hace 6 años

    LOL....keep insulting Paul Stanley and telling him everything he is doing wrong in KISS.  LOL  pathetic.  The dude is in his 60s, tours the world, is a muti millionaire, a painter, an author, performed Phantom, among countless other accomplishments...and you people delivering pizza and flipping burgers are telling him he doesn't know what he is doing?  Comical and Sad....all of you.

  • TheXtremefc
    TheXtremefc Hace 9 meses

    Haha Paul had some great one liners in there. The ex wife comparison was genius

  • KingOfTheNighttime
    KingOfTheNighttime Hace 6 años

    "I don't know the secret to success.  I do know the secret to failure is trying to please everybody." - William Cosby.

  • Andrew D
    Andrew D Hace 3 años

    I'm always surprised at how eloquent that Paul is, you really wouldn't expect that from the frontman of a band like KISS, but he's a genuinely poignant fellow

  • john perry Moore
    john perry Moore Hace 4 años

    Paul was always myy favorite.

  • Antney Fatts
    Antney Fatts Hace 8 meses

    That is one of the greatest interviews I've seen with Paul and he nailed it with that "for old times sake" question.

  • Scrappleton II
    Scrappleton II Hace 4 años

    Look, he's a good guy, he made it by hard work mostly. I wish I had his drive. Don't understand on the hate for the guy.

  • Kikin111976
    Kikin111976 Hace 1 año (editado)


    NTRSANDMAN Hace 1 año

    Flaming the guy with ex-wife joke🤣

  • Duncan Sutherland
    Duncan Sutherland Hace 10 meses

    Haters will hate, Paul Stanley is phenomenal!, period!!!!

  • The actual Guitar god
    The actual Guitar god Hace 5 meses

    “No I only drive paul nuts”

  • Marcel Gomes
    Marcel Gomes Hace 5 años

    "He lives two minutes away and i can see his ego from here!"   :D

  • Sugar D
    Sugar D Hace 6 años

    Good interview. Paul is right.  Personally though and as a fan since 1978 I wish KISS would not even accept the rock hall award.  They certainly don't need it.

  • Hodor St. Louis
    Hodor St. Louis Hace 3 años

    Paul shouldn't underestimate Paul is a very smart down to earth cool guy. And the Brains behind Kiss

  • Sergio Martelli
    Sergio Martelli Hace 1 año


  • A . P .
    A . P . Hace 7 meses

    It’s like someone invisible was tickling the interviewer 😂

  • Dennis Anderson
    Dennis Anderson Hace 11 meses

    KISS was the greatest show I've ever seen, and I've been to ALOT of shows. Every member literally looked at us and made a spectacle of us during the show. Gene was getting his makeup touched up right at my feet while Peter was singing Beth in 96. I yelled hey Gene and he looked straight up and gave me the rock on tongue. Ace shot fireworks from his guitar over our heads, turned his back on thousands of people and looked at the 4 of us. Most amazing show ever!