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  • 17 sept 2006

  • Kotto Bass-Edit


  • Sylar DEFFO
    Sylar DEFFO Hace 11 años

    Freres Camerounais, Lets upgrade the views of this video up to A MILLION!!!!!! R. I. P. Brother Kotto...

  • Christine T
    Christine T Hace 12 años

    BAMENDA forever

  • Uchawi Beatz
    Uchawi Beatz Hace 8 años

    Le Cameroun a perdu un vrai fils qui avait les valeurs de notre musique! RIP my bro Kotto Bass!

  • ISIS Ash
    ISIS Ash Hace 13 años

    cameroon the best country

  • Audrey2music
    Audrey2music Hace 13 años

    3 months before his death, I saw Kotto Bass in a bar. I was only 5 years old and there together with my grandma. Kotto begun to talk with my grandma and told her, that I could dance in his next video-clip. but unfurtunately, this never happened..:-( Kotto, 4 ever!!

  • larmisdor
    larmisdor Hace 10 años

    R.I.P Big brother Kotto Bass. You will be remembered forever, you are the face of Cameroon Makossa.

  • loyeye2004
    loyeye2004 Hace 12 años

    koto man we all wish you were alive!!! you were the GOD father of music!!. we will forever love an miss you.

  • C C
    C C Hace 12 años

    Rest in perfect peace Kotto Bass!

  • Bazama stélla
    Bazama stélla Hace 9 años

    ooh kotto bass l'un des meilleurs artistes camer! dors bien papa! tu ns a bien fait danser!!! never forget ya!

  • Big Morgan Olivera
    Big Morgan Olivera Hace 12 años

    En pocas palabras...UN GENIO

  • Yvonne T
    Yvonne T Hace 13 años

    I can't help but love this man.. I was stuck in a boarding school and did not really know who he was but let's just say: the music and vocals speak for itselt!! I am PROUD to be a Fellow Cameroonian!!!!

  • K Supreme
    K Supreme Hace 11 años

    Best Song Ive ever heard la meilleure chanson que j'aie jamais entendu

  • kahyeba
    kahyeba Hace 11 años

    good old days.RIP BRO

  • galaxy unicorn gamer
    galaxy unicorn gamer Hace 11 años

    i will always love this guy music no mather what. R.I.P Brother

  • Essential Oil Diffusers
    Essential Oil Diffusers Hace 13 años

    much love for kotto bas.RIP

  • BigjayG06
    BigjayG06 Hace 14 años

    keep 'em coming!

  • Marc Olivier Enoh
    Marc Olivier Enoh Hace 13 años

    ye cameroon music...you rock..kotta bass R I P

  • kisimikamara
    kisimikamara Hace 12 años

    if u want bottle dance, get a bottle and hit it continiously and what u get is called bottle dance.

  • Inquiring Mind
    Inquiring Mind Hace 11 años

    giati pethainoun tous kaliterous??

  • ekounou2
    ekounou2 Hace 13 años

    ah je me souviens avec nostalgie...