Lag Ja Gale - Instrumental Descargar

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  • 27 dic. 2009

  • This Song is not played by me. I found it trough the Internet but i dont know the Artist. Sorry. Nevermind, enjoy the music! Check out the piano Songs which are composed and played by me. Greez My soundcloud Homepage


  • ankit sharma
    ankit sharma Hace 4 años

    nothing in this world can replace this song in any aspect

  • Chirag Parmar
    Chirag Parmar Hace 1 año (editado)

    I dont know why but one sided love Always greater feelings than two side. Because you know that you can't live without your crush but you have to sacrifice your entire life for her. Sometimes sacrifice is great than to being with her. Awesome song feeling.

  • Tina B
    Tina B Hace 2 años

    Lag Ja Gale Ki Phir Ye Hasin Raat Ho Na Ho

  • Rajeshwar Singh
    Rajeshwar Singh Hace 4 años

    just remembering my pal laid down there life in kargil war

  • sunil Kr Nandi
    sunil Kr Nandi Hace 2 años

    This song and the music of the song is unbelievable.

  • Mahima Arora
    Mahima Arora Hace 3 años

    this is the only song which is closest to my heart

  • Rajendra Prashad Agrawal


  • Kazi Mohammed Rahim
    Kazi Mohammed Rahim Hace 4 años

    How Beautiful Heart touching music song Instrumental ever...So Touching ! ""Lag Ja Gale ""

  • Imran Qureshi
    Imran Qureshi Hace 2 años

    Pianist Name - Sir Nizar Lalani from Pakistan.

  • Amit Thapliyal
    Amit Thapliyal Hace 3 años

    heart touching notes..cnt resist myself to feel emotional..

  • Ali Raza
    Ali Raza Hace 8 años

    most beautiful music i have ever heared in my whole life

  • kolluru sruthakeerthi
    kolluru sruthakeerthi Hace 4 años

    have no words to describe the melody !! omg !!

    SHEFALI RANA Hace 5 años

    Heart taching song

  • shaikh shanawaz
    shaikh shanawaz Hace 6 años

    beautiful song for those who know the real meaning of love

  • Abhishek Srivastava
    Abhishek Srivastava Hace 1 año

    लग जा गले हम्म...

  • Navjot Singh
    Navjot Singh Hace 3 años

    earphones! eyes closed! thinking about... !!

  • Arvind Tomar
    Arvind Tomar Hace 4 años

    Whats the last song you would like to hear as you leave this world? This is the one.

  • rithwik chhugani
    rithwik chhugani Hace 2 años

    don't know why this song brings tears to my eyes every time i hear it. this song never gets old. everytime there's a new emotion connected to this song. this song had inspired me to become a poet. cant stop this tune. its just amazing

  • Rv
    Rv Hace 3 años (editado)

    i think no music is like this remaining in this generation...😢😢

  • Suresh Ruparel
    Suresh Ruparel Hace 3 años

    What a classic soothing love song it's best seduction in most beautiful way expressed timeless beauty nothing can be better or close to this MASTERPIECE