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  • 15 jul. 2015

  • Leo Messi Amazing Dribbling, Skills & Tricks 2014 - 2015 ----------------------------------------­-------------------------- STAY UPDATED! 📸 Instagram: 👍 Facebook: 👥 Twitter: 🔥 JN MUSIC: ----------------------------------------­-------------------------- ♫ Music: Twinztrack - Infinit ----------------------------------------­-------------------------- ♫ Outro song: . My Gear: 📧 Contact:


  • Free Lance
    Free Lance Hace 3 años

    Dribbling: Maradona and George Best

  • Sonrixx 619
    Sonrixx 619 Hace 2 meses

    This 2020 messi should just go with Ronaldo and be happy. Those dribbles and assist would benefit both if they played together

  • Djody Magenda
    Djody Magenda Hace 8 meses

    Anyone still here since 2020?

  • Johan andres Cruyffiesta
    Johan andres Cruyffiesta Hace 4 años (editado)

    This was Messi at his peak. I don't think I have ever seen a more complete player than 2014/15 Leo

  • Arsh Rumi
    Arsh Rumi Hace 1 año

    Messi teaches u how to perfectly use ur talent, Ronaldo shows u how to perfectly use your hardwork! Twi goats of our gen 🐐❤

  • Amir Al-achihal
    Amir Al-achihal Hace 3 años

    Messi is the best ever so he should be able to get 7 balon'dor

  • 1999
    1999 Hace 1 año

    He makes dribbling in tight spaces look so easy. It’s one of the hardest things to do. One of the first things you learn is to make space but Messi doesn’t even need any space to create chances, dribble, or score.

  • Jaafar Darwesh
    Jaafar Darwesh Hace 1 año

    When I hear this music , I remember the aliens 💥

  • David Castro
    David Castro Hace 4 años

    I've seen this fckn video 1000 times and i'm not tired

  • Phil Rey
    Phil Rey Hace 3 años


  • negotiate shabangu
    negotiate shabangu Hace 1 año

    Messi's strength is in his ability to utilize space. Gaps are gold to him.

  • LilBrlev3X DJ
    LilBrlev3X DJ Hace 3 años

    Messi is King!!!!🇦🇷🇦🇷⚽⚽⚽✨✨🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  • Orlando Fernandes
    Orlando Fernandes Hace 1 año

    Nunca vai existir ninguém melhor que esse cara ay me de todos os tempos Lionel Messi gênio 🇧🇷🙏🙏🙏

  • optimusman88
    optimusman88 Hace 5 años


  • Jesús García
    Jesús García Hace 3 años (editado)

    Como amo a este hombre 3

  • lm10 the greatest
    lm10 the greatest Hace 3 años


  • Mevlut Merhadi
    Mevlut Merhadi Hace 10 meses

    2019 ?? just me ?

    VIP ALL STAR Hace 1 año

    To catch Messi seems like catching a mouse in the home

  • Lucas Ribeiro
    Lucas Ribeiro Hace 1 año

    Isso parece todos os lances de um craque durante toda a sua carreira, mas é só uma temporada de LIONEL MESSI!

  • Fraudnaldo
    Fraudnaldo Hace 2 años