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  • 1 jul. 2011

  • Album: Hypnotized 2002


  • bdbdbd
    bdbdbd Hace 4 años

    Play a normal G-chord at a 12 string guitar, it will always sound like Wish You Were Here. Pink Floyd did not invent the G chord kek.

  • Angel K.
    Angel K. Hace 3 años (editado)

    obviously is a tribute to bohemian rhapsody by the beatles, because sounds like eric eclapton's sonatas with influences of robert plant's drums

  • Eric Kruse
    Eric Kruse Hace 5 años

    Interesting things happen when a band puts out a song that has similar elements to other songs.  First, the fans of the song it sounds most familiar, in this case (and only the opening notes really), Wish You Were Here, tend to trash it because it somehow threatens them.  There are many influences present in this tune.  How could there not be? There is no music put out today that doesn't borrow from something else.  The key is whether the band in question does what they do with passion, talent, and a will to create something cool.  That said, I feel - "feel" being a very important word here - Liquids Visions takes all their influences and blends them into a damn awesome bit of music.

  • selfrighteous88
    selfrighteous88 Hace 5 años

    man, what is up with these comments. thank god i'm not a pink floyd fanatic, that way i can enjoy this song without any little voice in my head saying shit like it sounds like this or it sounds like that. it sounds awesome.

  • Mez Hossain
    Mez Hossain Hace 4 años

    how i wish, how i wish you were here

  • Carolina Trujillo Juarez

    This song is ten times better when you are under LSD.

  • J Michael B
    J Michael B Hace 2 días

    Im a huge pink floyd fan, I preach to people that listening to their albums front to back is nothing short of a religious experience. That being said, this song is better than Wish You Were Here. I dont care it shares the same chord on a 12 string guitar. Its an entirely different song and vibe.

  • Rom Cïábar
    Rom Cïábar Hace 4 años

    The opening riff isn't plagiarism at all. Sometimes, great things just happen to be similar.

  • denís gonzález
    denís gonzález Hace 7 meses

    need this stuff on spotify, pls

  • Agustin De La Rosa
    Agustin De La Rosa Hace 2 días

    Similar of "pescado rabioso / despiertate nena" Luis Spinetta in 1973

  • Diana Vasile
    Diana Vasile Hace 5 años

    Driving all alone, late at night,

  • kenscapes
    kenscapes Hace 6 años

    omg, very "wish you were here" and "pigs" thats cool.

  • abe
    abe Hace 3 años


  • Hall Ooz
    Hall Ooz Hace 5 años

    algun humano, alien o cualquier forma de vida podria pasarme la letra de esta obra maestra ? de antemano, Gracias

  • Alberte Diéguez Boó
    Alberte Diéguez Boó Hace 1 año

    There is this old catchphrase used at engineering about how your own limitations limits your options; "When your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail."

  • IamheretopromotemychannelThisIsNH9andithasarediculouslylongandobnoxiousnamekindalikethisoneijustmade

    I also feel like Pink Floyd spawned its own genre, it sounds like them but I feel like this band pulled it off and that makes me not mind that they are imitating Pink Floyd

  • Grey Alien
    Grey Alien Hace 5 años

    Why have I only just discovered this music genre?

  • thomai ts
    thomai ts Hace 6 años

    the intro totally reminds me of pink floyd's "wish you were here"...

  • Nathan Childress
    Nathan Childress Hace 3 años

    This song reminds me of......

  • Luiz Angelo
    Luiz Angelo Hace 3 años

    i dont really hear wish you were here after the first few seconds but i do here Pigs (three different ones ) a good number of times