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  • 30 jun. 2010

  • miss A(미쓰에이) "Bad Girl, Good Girl” M/V miss A Official Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/saymissA miss A Official Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jypemissA miss A Official Fan's: http://fans.jype.com miss A Official Homepage: http://missA.jype.com Copyrights 2010 ⓒ JYP Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.


  • Miguel Banta
    Miguel Banta Hace 3 meses

    The song that shook the whole kpop industry in 2010. ICONIC DEBUT

  • Taesty FFs
    Taesty FFs Hace 2 meses (editado)

    Today is the 10 year anniversary of Bad Girl Good Girl. To everyone here, thank you.

  • TrashForSeungWan
    TrashForSeungWan Hace 2 meses

    Fun Fact: Miss A hated this song so much, when JYP asked them to preform it again, they said, they would rather die then preform this song again

  • Daydream
    Daydream Hace 2 meses

    Imagine how successful they could've been if only JYP managed them well.

  • Patricia Joy Lutao
    Patricia Joy Lutao Hace 1 año

    The most daring and risky debut of KPOP that earned them 3 Daesangs.

  • NKI Entertainment
    NKI Entertainment Hace 4 semanas

    Such a great song, but it's a shame that JYP sexualised Suzy so much since the very beginning when she was still a minor. She's only 15 in this video...

  • Michael
    Michael Hace 1 mes

    Suzy was 15 when they debuted? Yikes I can see why she dislikes this song then

  • Fishy Ana
    Fishy Ana Hace 2 meses (editado)

    JYP’s specialty is girl groups.Prove me wrong!

  • Nila Arun
    Nila Arun Hace 3 semanas

    Lets see how many people are hearing this song in 2020

  • Star RBLX
    Star RBLX Hace 10 meses

    Back then, when the songs were like at the start:

  • zero
    zero Hace 2 días

    It’s been 10 years and still to this day there has never been a girl or boy group to get SOTY during straight after debuting while being rookies:) their impact is large. I really miss Miss-A lol

  • Diya N
    Diya N Hace 1 día

    This is pure talent.

  • 白雪
    白雪 Hace 1 mes

    Niji projectで知って見にきました。とっても素敵。これが10年前の曲だなんて信じられないくらいおしゃれ。

  • multi stan
    multi stan Hace 2 meses

    ‪miss A debuted 10 years ago today with their iconic track, “Bad Girl Good Girl”! It was an instant success, winning many awards including SOTY. It also became the fastest song by a girl group to reach #1 on Gaon Chart and also won on every music show. Furthermore, they broke the record for longest #1 song beating the likes of Girls Generation. They went on to have a good run as a 2nd gen Kpop group and were one of the top groups at the time. They had other standout tracks in “Good Bye Baby” and “Hush”! I cannot believe it’s been 10 years since they’ve released this track and in my opinion, no one can top this debut!‬

  • suhyun kim
    suhyun kim Hace 3 meses

    16 year old suzy: debuted and have a successful life

  • Wang Lu
    Wang Lu Hace 2 meses

    Guys, Fei and Jia are participating to a Chinese show called "乘风破浪的姐姐" the goal of this show is to create a girl's group with only women aged more than 30. Go check on it if you are missing them. They also did a break dance on Bad Girl, Good Girl some days ago!

  • Trinkets Joy Albarando
    Trinkets Joy Albarando Hace 3 meses

    Funny but true: Quarantine makes you listen to old songs😂😂😂

  • Astrid Donayre
    Astrid Donayre Hace 1 día (editado)

    One and only debut song that won Song Of The Year, and the most iconic song of kpop ❤

  • 世界一のピザ職人
    世界一のピザ職人 Hace 3 semanas


  • UBR Entertainment
    UBR Entertainment Hace 3 días

    ouch suzy.. kecantikanmu alami