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  • 28 abr. 2017

  • Buy/Stream 'First Landing': Buy/Stream 'The Life Aquatic': Follow Anjunadeep on Spotify: Release Date: 28th April 2017 Pre-order the album 'First Landing', out on 4th August: Hot off the heels of BBC Radio 1 and KCRW favourite ‘Tear My Heart’ feat. Lulu James, and the triplet of high calibre remixes which followed (Marquis Hawkes, Justin Jay and Nick Trikakis), Moon Boots a.k.a Pete Dougherty offers up the second taster from his forthcoming debut LP. ‘The Life Aquatic’ sees Dougherty weaving delicate arpeggiated melodies together with a languid rolling groove in this dreamy slow-mo instrumental. ---- Follow Moon Boots: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twiter: Spotify: Soundcloud: Follow Anjunadeep: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Spotify: Instagram: Google+:‬ SoundCloud:


  • Anjunadeep
    Anjunadeep Hace 3 años

    Out now:

  • John McMillen
    John McMillen Hace 9 meses

    If I could be any animal, I would be a dolphin who listens to The Life Aquatic

  • D Sanchez
    D Sanchez Hace 3 años

    it's sound like Zelda when is game over hahaha

  • only fomo no homo
    only fomo no homo Hace 3 años

    Why does everything from Anjunadeep sound so familiar? I instantly fall in love with a song like I already knew it. They really know what good music is.

  • Harold Avella Alferez
    Harold Avella Alferez Hace 2 años

    this is my new drug!!!

  • DJ Santo
    DJ Santo Hace 3 años

    I can't even begin to describe how I feel with this song. It's such a strange feeling...Like my brain is melting. This song is too slow but I can't keep up with the chord structure...Minor/Major? Which is it

  • Vincentatsea
    Vincentatsea Hace 3 años

    Everything this guy touches magic! Moon Boots!!!

  • SkywireTV
    SkywireTV Hace 3 años

    Sounds a little like Royksopp. And that's ok. Very nice composition.

  • Derrick Lewis
    Derrick Lewis Hace 2 años

    Hey it does sound slightly horrifying. I would dance myself to Death with this.

  • Mr.Moose
    Mr.Moose Hace 3 años

    Has been on repeat for two days in a row now. The melody reminds of old 70's Italian crime movies, a little bit of The Sicilian Clan. Wonderful work!

  • Demis Cante
    Demis Cante Hace 3 años

    I'm loving the artwork it is as good as the track itself!...

  • Cosmic String
    Cosmic String Hace 3 años

    So clean! Underground deep

  • Tila Kcd
    Tila Kcd Hace 2 años

    Oh My !! This is so beautiful!

  • Arkoo
    Arkoo Hace 3 años

    Another great artwork. And great track too. 😃

  • cl0ser2g0d
    cl0ser2g0d Hace 3 años

    I'm in 💙 all over again.....

  • Miguel Angel Almeida
    Miguel Angel Almeida Hace 3 años

    super relax. Beatifulll😍😍😍😍👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • johnnyatab
    johnnyatab Hace 3 años

    Just want to say that this is amazing.

  • Smile if you Poopie
    Smile if you Poopie Hace 3 años

    Very calm, but also deep

  • Brad Yinger
    Brad Yinger Hace 3 años

    this is like actual good music!

  • Kenan Baker
    Kenan Baker Hace 1 año

    This reminds me of the movie slightly, and in other ways like A Clockwork Orange's theme, almost too similarly, but i love it