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  • 27 ago. 2012

  • 01 -echo-: NieR 休息/SEXY-SYNTHESIZER 02 -echo-: NieR カイネ/救済~カイネ/逃避/matryoshka 03 -echo-: NieR 流砂ノ神殿/millstones 04 -echo-: NieR エミール/犠牲/Ametsub 05 -echo-: NieR Suite Of Nier (Restructuring-夏ノ雪,最終兵器,Ashes of Dreams)/Go-qualia 06 -echo-:NieR 魔王ノ城/咆哮/RÄFVEN 07 -echo-: NieR 不完全ナ石/Nobu44 08 -echo-: NieR イニシエノウタ/デボル~イニシエノウタ/ポポル/sasakure.UK 09 -echo-: NieR 愚カシイ機械/KanouKaoru 10 -echo-: NieR オバアチャン/シュローダーヘッズ 11 -echo-: NieR 失ワレタ森/NO‐NO₂ 12 -echo-: NieR 夏ノ雪~全テヲ破壊スル黒キ巨人/world's end girlfriend


  • Dark Kijin
    Dark Kijin Hace 7 años

    He didn't create this... The album is actually called "NieR Tribute Album -echo-", and was created by Keiichi Okabe and the rest of the Cavia group.

  • Don9aldo
    Don9aldo Hace 6 años


  • Danku
    Danku Hace 5 meses

    Nier Replicant getting remastered. We rise.

  • intplusone Channel
    intplusone Channel Hace 4 años

    That last track wants nothing more than to destroy my speakers.

  • Crabcore1
    Crabcore1 Hace 1 año (editado)

    It took this album 6 or 7 years to grow on me, but I'm glad it finally did. I had to be open enough about Remixes to enjoy it, and not expecting the same thing that I get from the original versions, I wasn't patient and open enough before that (it was the same for Ashes of Dreams on the piano arrangement).

  • カマクラからカムクライズル


  • Sadew
    Sadew Hace 3 años

    Just when I thought I was tired of listening to the soundtrack.

  • Alvin Thai
    Alvin Thai Hace 3 años

    Dangerously beautiful, could spend so much time listening to this.

  • Raiu
    Raiu Hace 6 años

    Yes, Cavia still hates you, but it gives you awesome music this time.

  • Lightning Point
    Lightning Point Hace 1 año

    The acoustic guitar in the first track sounds a lot like Scars of Time from Chrono Cross.

  • Cinnameon
    Cinnameon Hace 4 años


  • willow jessica
    willow jessica Hace 6 meses

    Wretched automatons?? MY LITERAL FAVE. I cannot at how wonderful this remix is, I would die for that track original and remixed!!! (

  • PIGP
    PIGP Hace 5 años

    "Thank you for your hearing" says the guy with a dozen ears..

  • Douche Lick
    Douche Lick Hace 1 año

    this song is in my 100+ music playlist and everytime i want it to play it just plays... Youtube is in our heads monkaW....

  • Michael Koontz
    Michael Koontz Hace 6 años

    this is awesome

  • tellurian01
    tellurian01 Hace 7 años

    Cheers for that.

  • Yunalesca
    Yunalesca Hace 6 años

    Any way this can be downloaded? (:

  • Jose Alzaibar
    Jose Alzaibar Hace 6 años

    This is Godly. MUH FEELS!

  • Sean
    Sean Hace 3 semanas (editado)

    What's the first song tittle? can i get the source?