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  • 3 feb. 2015

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  • Alfred Jones
    Alfred Jones Hace 1 año

    Let's make this fleeting moment last forever

  • Kori On'nanoko
    Kori On'nanoko Hace 10 meses (editado)

    This song is making me feel alive somehow. The headphone started like giving me alot of energy. And after that i started dancing with the rhythm. 😅

  • NinjaRwR122
    NinjaRwR122 Hace 11 meses

    I was born in a thunderstorm

  • Vandan Agrawal
    Vandan Agrawal Hace 4 años

    finally a nightcore which doesnt only changes the speed and changing it to a higher pitch.

  • v0lv0 J
    v0lv0 J Hace 3 años

    BEAUTIFUL music

  • nman551
    nman551 Hace 5 años

    i love how professional it all looks great job on this channel all your nightcores make me smile except the sad ones but i haven't checked those out if there are any

  • Phú Nguyễn Đức
    Phú Nguyễn Đức Hace 3 años

    when i listen to nightcore i feel so peaceful tks for work

  • Isdor Lakra
    Isdor Lakra Hace 1 año

    This is krewella's song alive I love it - feel alive feels alive

  • Shadow Umbra
    Shadow Umbra Hace 8 meses

    That was one amazing scenery. Plus, the amazingly cute girl there makes the song more enjoyable and alive.

  • Michael Ong
    Michael Ong Hace 5 años

    Man, this cheered me up after learning about Monty Oum's death...

  • Luna0519Star
    Luna0519Star Hace 3 años

    after watching this alot of times i just realized at the top left corner its a part of space :o

  • Thinh Devil
    Thinh Devil Hace 2 años

    This song make me feel Alive XD

  • ne on
    ne on Hace 2 años

    aliveめっちゃいい!聞くのなつい(*'ω' *)

  • Arabella Margot Arroyo
    Arabella Margot Arroyo Hace 5 años

    plays this loudly ; head bangs the air and pretends to be a rock star with a electric guitar

  • Dts mua
    Dts mua Hace 5 años

    Love the anime pics plus the music^.^

  • WonderBeat28
    WonderBeat28 Hace 4 años


  • Specktum 61
    Specktum 61 Hace 3 años


  • 〝あかおねさん〟


  • Petite-Yuki
    Petite-Yuki Hace 2 años

    This music is just beautiful is it is even more in nightcore in my opinion.

  • Vũ Anh
    Vũ Anh Hace 5 años

    This song is amazing !! I love this song so much ^.^