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  • 15 oct. 2014

  • Support Me on Patron ❤ Patreon ・ Twitter ・ Fanpage ・ Source Of Pix ・ _________________________ • Artist Maroon 5 - Maps (Cover by Lacy Cavalier) _________________________ ⚏⚏⚏⚏⚏⚏⚏⚏ ✘ DISCLAIMER ✘ ⚏⚏⚏⚏⚏⚏⚏⚏ ▸ If you are the creator of this song or the owner of the pictures and you don't want me to use them in my video, email me and I'll take it down ▸


  • Jil
    Jil Hace 4 años

    Better than the actual original version xD

  • Baguette
    Baguette Hace 5 años

    She sounds like apple jack with a high voice

  • James Alexander
    James Alexander Hace 5 años

    I'm begging you Sanuksanan... PLEASE RE-UPLOAD POMPEII, i love that version so much

  • Laandoos
    Laandoos Hace 4 meses

    Le puse esto a mis deberes y se comieron a mi perro.

  • Natalia Peterson
    Natalia Peterson Hace 4 años

    the perfect picture, she's calling her baby

  • OfTheStone
    OfTheStone Hace 5 años

    Please re-upload everything you can. Your Nightcore uploads are awesome!

  • Ian R
    Ian R Hace 4 años


  • Golden Snowflake
    Golden Snowflake Hace 7 meses

    I thought it was the original song nightcore...

  • Just A Leaf
    Just A Leaf Hace 5 años

    God, I can't tell you how happy I am now that you're back! It's great to have you back, Sanuksanan!

  • Jeshua
    Jeshua Hace 5 años

    Thankyou for coming back 3 >w

  • MSP Unicornz
    MSP Unicornz Hace 5 años

    Luv It 3

  • Azalene Thompson
    Azalene Thompson Hace 5 años

    it's SO awesome that you're back! 3

  • Ashley Loo
    Ashley Loo Hace 5 años

    Please re-upload Soul Sister 3

  • M.F Animes
    M.F Animes Hace 5 años

    Please sanuksanan re-upload Frame of Mind please ! 

  • Shyla Pace
    Shyla Pace Hace 3 años

    "the map that leads to youu!"

  • Cyrille Ferrari
    Cyrille Ferrari Hace 1 mes


  • Kantawat Ktwapkw
    Kantawat Ktwapkw Hace 3 años

    ฟอระวิง ฟอระวิง ฟอระวิง

  • Cryfield
    Cryfield Hace 5 años

    This is amazing my fav track in nightcore 3 I'm happy my day is saved c: Me luvs 3

  • Angie Tsukiko
    Angie Tsukiko Hace 5 años

    Love your Nightcore uploads!!!

  • maddy x
    maddy x Hace 5 años

    You should have way more subs :D