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  • 19 mar. 2013


  • Dee stephens
    Dee stephens Hace 1 año

    2019 tubarikiwe pamoja ,gonga like.

  • ian ambani
    ian ambani Hace 1 día

    As we celebrate Bob Collymore's 1st aniversary let's like this song. thumbs up to pst MUSEMBI

  • Monica Keitany
    Monica Keitany Hace 1 día

    2015 pr. Musembis songs made me survive hard situation of being jobless for 1 yr, indeed I kept the faith and God answered my prayer, thanks pr. May God continue using you for his glory

  • Sira Oxygen
    Sira Oxygen Hace 2 años

    GREAT! Well, am a Senegalese muslim who spent 2 years in Nairobi for a Masters at UoN. I used to hear this song whenever i enter Matatu. Really i do like it even if i dont understand what he says. This song is full of spiritual vibration and i feel it very deep in my heart! blessed be Pastor. Asante sana sana lol

  • Maximillah Kassamani
    Maximillah Kassamani Hace 4 meses

    Am here 2020....still listening to this powerful song

  • Samson Mwonga
    Samson Mwonga Hace 1 año

    2019 who is here?


    I appreciate what you have done God bless you pastor Antony

  • waithira Grace
    waithira Grace Hace 7 meses

    14 November 2019 unastahili kuambudiwa wewe ni Mungu baba🙏

  • Stella Nafula
    Stella Nafula Hace 2 meses

    Actually its my favourite song. Thanks Lord for loving me

  • Ruth Ngei
    Ruth Ngei Hace 2 meses

    Lord I bless your name...this song really keeps me in worship mood,lets worship even with this covid 19.

  • Caroline Talam
    Caroline Talam Hace 2 años

    Unastahili kuabudiwa wewe ni Mungu baba surely there is none like YEHOVA very inspiring worship songs

  • Ruth Ndila
    Ruth Ndila Hace 4 años

    Ni wewe tu bwana hakuna mwingine kama wewe, thanks for your songs they are making me strong when I'm in not moods. listening in Riyadh out of country.

  • rose atieno
    rose atieno Hace 7 meses

    Ni wewe bwana mwenye baraka umenitoa mbali Asante Mungu🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Melaine Mrari
    Melaine Mrari Hace 4 años

    Grace Hour with pastor Musembi,one of those times I love being in the presence of God in Mombasa

  • stella njenga
    stella njenga Hace 5 días

    This guy is so blessed.Great praise and worship takes you right in to the throne room

  • Janet Munyao
    Janet Munyao Hace 4 meses

    This song sets me in worship mood.... i love it and would listen and watch it under repeat mode a hundred times..... God bless you pastor.........

  • Edgar Mugume
    Edgar Mugume Hace 1 año

    God bless you pastor; for sure am in love with this worship song even if am not understanding kiswahili very well but I will learn it by his grace.amen.God bless you Pastor Musembi

  • Ras Sjamaan
    Ras Sjamaan Hace 5 años

    Give thanks for the giving of thanks, bleSs Pastor!   

  • wamasali isaac
    wamasali isaac Hace 1 año

    He blessed us at victory Christian center,ndeba unsafe in overnight

  • Alezingy Mxafy
    Alezingy Mxafy Hace 6 años

    may God continue inspiring you with blessing worship