Performer React to NCT Dream "Ridin" Dance Practice + "Quiet Down" Fancam Focus Descargar

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  • 15 may 2020

  • patreon: carrd: social media: @jeffreyes__ about me: I've been dancing since I was in Kindergarten. My training includes hiphop, lyrical, jazz and ballet. I also took up singing lessons when I was in high school until university. I'm currently pursuing a career as an actor and my resume include Netflix's "Lucifer" and Kristen Stewart's movie, "JT Leroy" under Universal Studios. I was training for musical theatre but I realized I love film/tv more but I've never lost my interest in the performing arts. Other interests include graphic design, photography/filmmaking, fashion and fitness.


  • Kick It Like Mark Lee
    Kick It Like Mark Lee Hace 6 meses

    Jeff was attracted by Jeno's shirt lifting that he didn't notice Jaemin's little mistake beside Jeno 🤣

  • Devaki Bhagwat
    Devaki Bhagwat Hace 6 meses

    Renjun actually learned ballet when he was younger! He auditioned as a dancer (now a main vocal and lead dancer)

  • I am a multifangirl john banana

    Jeno succeed on distracting people lol

  • Kemas Aji
    Kemas Aji Hace 6 meses

    Jeno distracting jeff with his abs because Jaemin forgot the choreo lmao

  • Sunshineee
    Sunshineee Hace 6 meses (editado)


  • LifeofCS -
    LifeofCS - Hace 6 meses


  • Fairuz Farhan Ronei
    Fairuz Farhan Ronei Hace 6 meses

    Jeff reacting to Quiet Down ;

  • Lissette Natividad
    Lissette Natividad Hace 6 meses

    Give a like if Jisungie owns the killer part💚😍

  • Chenle gave the egg to Felix

    When Jisung stomps.. SM is experiencing Jisungquake.

  • Jeno PlayingViolin
    Jeno PlayingViolin Hace 6 meses

    Yup, Jeno stage presence is super good, and maybe that's why people said that he has many center part!

  • Ellie Ng
    Ellie Ng Hace 6 meses

    Let's be real, none of us ever recovered from Jeno's fancam.

  • Tylisha Bruce
    Tylisha Bruce Hace 6 meses

    Jeno distracted you from seeing that Jaemin did the wrong move

  • S Y M O N
    S Y M O N Hace 6 meses

    Fun fact SHINee were the group to popularise the standard of kpop groups even doing dance practices for their songs. I believe they were the first to do one and in typical SHINee fashion it caught on like wildfire.

  • NCTzennie
    NCTzennie Hace 6 meses

    jisung's actually a very "clean" dancer, he has his shortcomings (the most noticeable to me is that he tends no not raise his knees/feet as high as other members, but since he's taller it doesn't matter that much), but not finishing moves is not a current thing for him, but it can happen, boy's not a machine after all. I think his stronger trait is his musicality, Jisung has a great sense (Mark once called him a "beat monster") and his preferred style, popping, benefits greatly from this. if you have time, check out the dance practices for their award show performances, there are 3 in NCT's Dance Channel (the 3 videos between boom dance practice and taeyong's freestyle dance). Jisung has solo pieces in two of the intro stages, and the choreos showcases their strengths a lot, especially jisung's popping and renjun's isolation 3

  • Kimmeyaaah
    Kimmeyaaah Hace 6 meses

    It's just that Quiet Down is just a side track of the album. Sometimes, choreography of sidetracks are not that "hyped" or tight so it's not really a big deal.

  • Amanda Heaven
    Amanda Heaven Hace 6 meses

    What you said about Jeno having an aura about his stage presence is how I feel watching Haechan, but it shows way more with him in 127, and I think it's because he's more of a vocal focus in dream, where they have Taeil and Doyoung as main vocals in 127. Every time he is dancing though, he steals my focus because of the way he looks like he just breathes dance, it looks effortless and his personality comes through in his footwork especially. Bouncing and gliding everywhere lol

  • Nathalie
    Nathalie Hace 6 meses

    YESS JISUNG OWNS THAT ONE MOVE OMG I'm not a dancer but I read somewhere that it looks different bc of his background w popping (is that what it's called its 2 am I CANT REMEMBER)

  • elannece van neel
    elannece van neel Hace 6 meses (editado)

    I've been waiting for this since the dance practice was posted 😂

  • yeosang lines stan
    yeosang lines stan Hace 6 meses

    Yieee jeno has strong stage presence hes uniqe. They've been sleeping on him.

  • Nur Malisa Huda Ali
    Nur Malisa Huda Ali Hace 6 meses

    jisung's move that you've seen before was haechan's part in regular english version the casket fresh part(after the 1st verse of chorus), i thought the same thing tho