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  • 28 jul. 2016

  • Dive into the world of our Philippines adventure! Videography and Edit by @mikevisuals Follow me on social media: Instagram: @mikevisuals Snapchat: Mikevisuals A big thanks to all those who helped make this trip so memorable and the content so lit! A special shoutout to Georgia Ma and Mike Quinn plus inspiration from Sam Kolder and Nainoa Langer! Stay tuned for our Bali adventure, coming soon... Music: Burn Wild - Rozes (Young Bombs Remix)


  • celina
    celina Hace 4 años

    i see someone's a fan of sam kolder as well ;) great video i loved the color grading !!

  • Kate Lenard
    Kate Lenard Hace 3 años

    the diffrence between indonesia and philippines is the compact of can visit the place without any hassle .unlike in indonesia if you want to see the place by boat it takes you many days at sea or sometimes week because the country is much larger than philippines.but they have the same beaches to offer.philippines and indonesia are tropical countries they are both beautiful

  • carivonlee dee
    carivonlee dee Hace 3 años

    philippines the hidden gem of southeast asia !i hope it could still maintain its beauty!eco tourism is better

  • Rob Strok
    Rob Strok Hace 4 años

    Blown away by the quality, huge fan!

  • Keepcalm Andstayflex
    Keepcalm Andstayflex Hace 3 años

    One of the smoothest edits out there ✌ Really loved your edit bro, keep it up ☝

  • M M
    M M Hace 4 meses

    Love the combination of music and beautiful views😭❤️

  • MyWanderingIsland
    MyWanderingIsland Hace 3 años

    3 how can somebody even dislike this...

  • unalome
    unalome Hace 3 años

    Thanks for this Mike. I'm Filipino and i have no time to travel my country but it seems like you kinda tour me in my country. Btw, this video is so interesting not because of the scenery but the video editing skills in on point!

  • Blonded
    Blonded Hace 4 años

    Absolutely insane job well done man subscribed :))

  • Nidhi K
    Nidhi K Hace 3 años

    Too good man !!

  • Adiredja
    Adiredja Hace 3 años


  • Calvin Krause
    Calvin Krause Hace 4 años

    Man this is one sick first video! You're gonna go far!

    JESSROCKED Gaming Hace 3 años

    heavily inspired by sam koldr, but still awesome (y)

  • Its Kate
    Its Kate Hace 3 años

    This is beautiful 💕

  • Christian King Saavedra
    Christian King Saavedra Hace 4 años (editado)

    Haha sabi na e, Kolder and Langer ang inspiration ng video eh. Good job!

  • Crazy ajay
    Crazy ajay Hace 2 años

    Drone shots and editing 🔥🔥😍💓

  • Devon Gray
    Devon Gray Hace 3 años

    what do you use for color grading

  • Evan Engler
    Evan Engler Hace 4 años

    Can you make a tutorial on the sky change or what software did you use to do it

  • DavidHärenstam
    DavidHärenstam Hace 3 años

    Love it!

  • Jack Lawes Films
    Jack Lawes Films Hace 3 años

    great video man, loving the vibezzzz need to go here