Robbie Williams and Taylor Swift Angels #live at Wembley Descargar

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  • 4 nov. 2018


  • yann henriot
    yann henriot Hace 2 meses

    What a good person Taylor, I can see from the way she smiled to Robbie that she's kind true, and human. Love her as an artist and woman. The best USA icon

  • yann henriot
    yann henriot Hace 4 meses

    Two pop Icons, two differernt generation, but one pleasure !

  • Pat
    Pat Hace 3 meses

    Guitarist be like: BEST. DAY. EVER!!

  • Sntg Swift
    Sntg Swift Hace 4 meses

    I was here. Jk Rowling and Adele too. So I can say that Taylor, Robbie, Adele, Rowling and I were on the same building at the same time. We were breathing the same air.

  • Aegon J
    Aegon J Hace 8 meses

    2020, who else still watching this?

  • TooFarGone FromEarth
    TooFarGone FromEarth Hace 6 meses

    Respect to Taylor for letting Robbie sing his song. Something I did not think she would do. Applause to her. I'm a big Robbie fan and my daughter is a Taylor Swift fan. Our worlds have collided.

  • Jani Johnny
    Jani Johnny Hace 9 meses

    "Angels" is not a song. It's an EVENT.

  • Mr Fruitgum
    Mr Fruitgum Hace 4 semanas

    Taylor's face at 1.50 sums this up - WOW

  • Joey Castillo
    Joey Castillo Hace 4 meses

    Am i the only guy that cried here watching Taylor and Robbie singing this beautiful song ?

  • Kallisto Indrani
    Kallisto Indrani Hace 3 meses

    The moment Robbie gets on stage and the people go WILD! 😍😍😍 And Taylor's reaction to it, it's magical!

  • Luiz Fernando Tobias Domingues

    Taylor's face is the best, she was like "oohh my goosh, I'm singing with Robbie Williams" kkkkkk amazing

  • Larry Wilkins
    Larry Wilkins Hace 5 meses

    "Angels" is not a song. It's an EVENT.

  • shruti 03
    shruti 03 Hace 3 meses

    Paul is having real angel moment

  • Charles Laing
    Charles Laing Hace 5 meses

    I'm 47 and this makes me happy.

  • Brian George
    Brian George Hace 4 meses

    Who’s watching in this quarantine period😍💯

  • Another person
    Another person Hace 2 meses

    If you skip sara’s ad you are not a ture swifite She’s an initial part of our fandom

  • Carolyn Feldman
    Carolyn Feldman Hace 1 año

    She's the only young singer today that has pure class. I love how she allows him to take center stage and joins in without trying to take the attention away. I have a lot of respect for her how she responded to his entrance and performance. She is so adorable. It was really great watching this!

  • Tib Syy
    Tib Syy Hace 5 meses (editado)

    When this whole corona sh!t will be over I am going to re-celebrate my lost birthdays with my friends, going to drink pints of beer in my favorite pubs, partying in the club, going to concerts like this and dancing with the crowd till our feet hurts! Visiting museums,musicals and theaters for the finest arts and performances and if I can't do more I will find a place on a beautiful crowded beach at night where maybe I am going to find my Angel! Live your life the fullest! Bless you all!

  • Amelia Boone
    Amelia Boone Hace 1 mes

    this made me emotional. i miss tour soooo much. i miss hearing the crowd scream at the top of their lungs singing to the song that’s being played. i wish the world could go back to normal

  • Cuong Dang
    Cuong Dang Hace 1 mes

    Honestly Robbie Williams doesn't look tall at all but he really is THAT TALL