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  • 31 oct. 2012

  • 🎹 INSTAGRAM - 🎹 FACEBOOK - 🎹 ITUNES - Piano version by Evgeny Khmara Пиано версия Евгения Хмары.


  • Evgeny Khmara
    Evgeny Khmara Hace 1 año

    Friends, the opinion of each of you is important to me! Please support my new video -

  • Aduk Rata
    Aduk Rata Hace 4 años

    "Still Loving You"

  • Gerrit Horstman
    Gerrit Horstman Hace 5 años

    After listening this song I kept quiet for more than one minute. Truly amazing…

    ANDREY NAPLEKOV Hace 6 años

    Сидел смотрел как вкопаный. Супер очень понравилось. Мечтаю так научится.Браво.

  • Laís Morais
    Laís Morais Hace 2 años

    This song make me remind of my dead father... I just can't express how i miss him.. thank you for tnis vídeo

  • werner white
    werner white Hace 5 años

    This is The best performance in YouTube Form this song, i love it!

  • Paulina Litvinova
    Paulina Litvinova Hace 4 años

    Потрясающе!! Даже мурашки по коже ))) замечательно! спасибо за такую прекрасную композицию

  • Spaj Tastic
    Spaj Tastic Hace 5 años

    By ear....

  • Андрій Зазонті

    шикарно!!! я в захваті. моя улюблена пісня і в кращому кавері ще не чув... дякую Женя)

  • Gianni Gelichi
    Gianni Gelichi Hace 5 años

    The best piano cover EVER.

  • trisha jimenez
    trisha jimenez Hace 5 años

    Gosh this is amazing. Please don't stop your work and I'm seriously considering taking piano lessons because of this.

  • Maria - Elizaveta Veresh

    Ты просто супер!)) проффесиональный музыкант , один из лучших украинских музыкантов )))))

  • Sareh abu
    Sareh abu Hace 5 años

    Time, it needs time

  • Joao Tiago Santos
    Joao Tiago Santos Hace 4 años

    best piano version of this song...great job man

  • Nguyễn Cao Luân
    Nguyễn Cao Luân Hace 4 años

    Perfect!!! Everything in this version is perfect, from the rearrangement of notes to tempo, touch strength, even your timing to use pedals, all are perfect. Thanks for your performance. I really really enjoy it. It helps me relax a lot!

  • Marek Zagrobelny
    Marek Zagrobelny Hace 3 semanas

    You have incredible feeling of rythm, music and all. There are many different covers but this is the best on internet I have ever hears. The same as "My heart will go on" or "Wind of change". Incredible !!! This is my dream to learn such playng piano because I was learning many years ago. I have talent also but could you tell me how to play so freely as you ?

  • Zaur Rzayev
    Zaur Rzayev Hace 4 años

    Браво! Напомните о себе еще раз

  • Люда Людочка

    Большое спасибо пианисту, Вы супер

  • Dima Barulin
    Dima Barulin Hace 5 años

    Как же круто, спасибо ... С этого момента я Ваш подписчик.

  • Sly Sambora
    Sly Sambora Hace 5 años

    This literally perfect, your playing is literally perfect. This song is literally perfect and your cover is absolutely awesome. Thank you so much for sharing it. Keep up the great work. Respect!