SEVENTEEN (세븐틴) - 박수 (CLAP) Dance Practice (Mirrored) Descargar

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  • 9 nov. 2017

  • SEVENTEEN (세븐틴) - 박수 (CLAP) Dance Practice (Mirror) Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Song and dance belong to Pledis Entertainment. This video is for learning purposes only. *I did add in the studio audio, but I kept the original audio as well in the background just bc I really like hearing their claps lol. (You have to listen closely if you wanna hear them though.)


  • Do Kyungsoo
    Do Kyungsoo Hace 2 años

    I can only dance from

  • Ri An
    Ri An Hace 2 años

    It’s like a joke when I think I should learn this

  • pengu
    pengu Hace 2 años

    im gonna die learning this dance bye

  • Jazzy Bebo
    Jazzy Bebo Hace 2 años

    why the hell do I love

  • Aye Chan
    Aye Chan Hace 2 años

    DONT WANNA CRY but this is so VERY NICE, all I could do is CLAP 💕

  • snake princess
    snake princess Hace 2 años

    I'm not even in the fandom and I wanna learn this dance

  • lisa
    lisa Hace 2 años

    my favourite move is

  • caleb shay sandovall
    caleb shay sandovall Hace 1 año

    me : learning this

  • hyn ً
    hyn ً Hace 2 años

    Thank you for this masterpiece called seventeen and their choreography

  • Jona Donato
    Jona Donato Hace 2 años


  • Martina May
    Martina May Hace 2 años

    Im not a dancer yet im trying to learn and so far no progress has been made

  • ImaJustKeeding
    ImaJustKeeding Hace 2 años


  • Arayma Jimenez
    Arayma Jimenez Hace 2 años

    No doubts, every SEVENTEEN choreography is AMAZING!!!

  • laura de vos
    laura de vos Hace 2 años


  • Johnny's Chittaphrrr
    Johnny's Chittaphrrr Hace 2 años


  • esvete
    esvete Hace 2 años

    just came to learn "seventeen right here"

  • Stanislava S.
    Stanislava S. Hace 2 años


  • 母湯掀衣服阿國
    母湯掀衣服阿國 Hace 2 años


  • MZC YT
    MZC YT Hace 2 años

    First 10 seconds: “Finally, easy choreography!”

  • 은하계Galactic
    은하계Galactic Hace 2 años