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  • 19 abr 2020

  • Available now: "Duduke" by SIMI FOLLOW Simi: Verse 1 First let me say to you I cannot wait to see you You’re the treasure I’ve been waiting for Do you know, Do you know? How much I really need you I Dey pray for the day when I can finally kiss you You know say everyday I Dey pray for you Oh In my heart o, there’s a permanent place for you Chorus: That’s why my heart e Dey beat like Duduke Duduke Coz na you I choose o Ayanfe mi ayanfe I sing for you and I be like Duduke Duduke Baby Na you I go pick o Ayanfe mi Ayanfe Verse 2 Gbo temi o See I may not give the world to you But I’ll give you what I have o Oh baby o You’re my angeli o Ko duro le ife mi o Shebi y know say everyday I Dey pray for you In my heart o, there’s a permanent place for you Chorus: That’s why my heart e Dey beat like Duduke Du-du-ke Coz na you I choose o Ayanfe mi a-yan-fe I sing for you and I be like Duduke Du-du-ke Baby Na you I go pick o Ayanfe mi A-yan-fe Only for you e Dey beat like Duduke oooo Duduke Du-du-ke I sing for you o my baby ooo Ayanfe mi A-yan-fe Duduke Duduke o Duduke Du-du-ke Mo feran e oo Ayanfe mi Olufemi o Ayanfe mi A-yan-fe Baby see me now #Simi #Duduke #Studiobrat © Property of Studiobrat, under license to Jungle.


  • Narz Raflie
    Narz Raflie Hace 6 meses (editado)

    DUDUKE DUDUKE, on repeat my wife is also pregnant and she can kill for this track. She sleeps with it, cooks with it, dance... infact everything..somebody should help wish her safe delivery

  • Mgezi Erisa
    Mgezi Erisa Hace 2 meses (editado)

    My wife maria is six months pregnant, we wake up to this every morning, one love from Uganda 256, wish her well with just clicking a Like button

  • Chuga Comedy
    Chuga Comedy Hace 3 semanas

    Wow This song is best to me every time in Top 100 trending music 😍💕

  • nathalie obazee
    nathalie obazee Hace 2 meses

    This song captures everything I was feeling when I was pregnant with my twins after 15years of marriage😍❤💓

  • Nawal gadaffi
    Nawal gadaffi Hace 2 meses

    I listened to this song in my whole third trimester and now my baby is here💙. Baby Rayyan.

  • Agbons Aisosa
    Agbons Aisosa Hace 7 meses

    Everyone wishing Simi safe delivery should hit the like button

  • 0720741858 Mwenesi
    0720741858 Mwenesi Hace 2 meses

    Am Kenyan who's with me😍😍😍

  • Tala Alleyne
    Tala Alleyne Hace 1 semana

    Before I saw the music video I thought this artist was singing about her lover who she hasn’t seen in a while... but I realized she’s singing about her baby while also dedicating the song to all the wonderful mothers. That’s beautiful!

  • Ty Dave Tyne
    Ty Dave Tyne Hace 2 meses

    Kenya gonga like

  • Shichet Moses
    Shichet Moses Hace 3 semanas

    Can't hold back my tears listen to this song....lost my daughter I longed for. 😢😢😢

  • Princess Pepe
    Princess Pepe Hace 5 meses

    I’m not a pregnant women but i really love this song 🥰😍 who else is listen to this song and not even pregnant 🥰

  • MkenyaDaimaMilele
    MkenyaDaimaMilele Hace 1 mes

    🇰🇪🇸🇴🇦🇺 dedicated to my son and unborn daughter... I'm Kenyan, wife Somali, live in Australia.... our kids African Oz ...

  • Bubu Remi
    Bubu Remi Hace 1 semana

    My sister made 30yrs 🇺🇬 and she is crying her 1st child. I dedicate this song to her,hubby and baby we can't wait to meet 💙🙏

  • ndush ma
    ndush ma Hace 3 semanas

    The baby's gonna love this when she grows up!!!

  • deinyxq
    deinyxq Hace 1 mes

    Just dedicated this to my wife; we are 6 months pregnant ❤️❤️❤️

  • Shaudee Baskin
    Shaudee Baskin Hace 4 meses

    Im pregnant with twins... Speedy recovery healthy babies

  • Miss Who? Ha
    Miss Who? Ha Hace 2 meses


  • Rinney Vonnes
    Rinney Vonnes Hace 1 mes

    The fact that she's pregnant she still gives out the best songs.Hit the like button if you think she's the one in a million ladies who rock

  • joyce kinya
    joyce kinya Hace 1 mes

    Can’t wait for my second pregnancy

  • Shareefa Alzayani
    Shareefa Alzayani Hace 1 mes

    I am from Bahrain 🇧🇭 I love the song from the first note and when I saw the video clip saw she is pregnant I teared... I felt the compaction in her voice.. I am healing for real... Thank you hope u deliver safely and enjoy motherhood🇧🇭 love from Bahrain to you and all Africa