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  • 29 oct. 2012

  • Available to buy now on iTunes - Buy the 'F**k The Experts' Fanpack here: Become a fan of SKisM: Follow SKisM on Twitter: SKisM - Experts is available now on Never Say Die with a remix from xKore. Become a fan of Never Say Die: Follow Never Say Die on twitter: Directed by Richard Payne of Burning Reel Productions Become a fan of Burning Reel:


  • 3aRlz †
    3aRlz † Hace 3 años (editado)


  • OtakuBKツ
    OtakuBKツ Hace 2 años

    Old but still gold 3

  • Tobias Grijsen
    Tobias Grijsen Hace 10 meses

    This is perfectly how i imagine a troller sitting behind his pc

  • Swahili Kenyan
    Swahili Kenyan Hace 8 meses

    gWho's still listening to this banger in 2020?

  • Help me lol
    Help me lol Hace 1 año (editado)


  • planenerd907
    planenerd907 Hace 10 meses

    Wish dubstep was still like this and not like the current melody excluding, tick tock base drum beating, printer noise replicating crap we have today

  • Pexing
    Pexing Hace 3 años (editado)


  • Lightz
    Lightz Hace 1 año

    Nearly 7 years later and...STILL SOUNDS LIKE SKRILLEX

  • Turmaloid
    Turmaloid Hace 1 año

    Who’s still listening to this banger in 2019?

  • Merlin Lautner
    Merlin Lautner Hace 4 años


  • Coxick
    Coxick Hace 2 años


  • Dr Meme
    Dr Meme Hace 6 meses

    Let’s just take a sec and just realize how good this art is

  • Damian Ulkened
    Damian Ulkened Hace 1 año

    Sounds Like SKisM

  • Ciccio56
    Ciccio56 Hace 3 años

    SOUNDS LIKE SKRILLEX! This is DRUMstep not DUBstep! ... it doesn't work...omg

  • Nerious
    Nerious Hace 1 año


  • Pedro Arthur Rabelo
    Pedro Arthur Rabelo Hace 8 meses

    This is pure (g)old. Still listening to it in 2020.

  • Trevor Sullivan
    Trevor Sullivan Hace 3 meses

    Whatever being Skrillex summons is the same one from the "Equinox" mv, right?

  • Rifqi maulana putra Qa
    Rifqi maulana putra Qa Hace 5 meses

    This is literally Me going through reddit

  • Sam Young
    Sam Young Hace 5 años

    First time a dubstep video actually was worth watching

  • DR T
    DR T Hace 3 años