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  • 14 ene. 2009

  • Sri Devi refers to Shakti, the Divine Mother. Khadga means Sword, Mala means Garland, Stotram means a hymn or song of praise. So the Khadgamala Stotram (hereafter, KS) is a hymn to the Divine Mother, which is said to bestow a garland of upon those who recite it. The KS takes us mentally through the Sri Chakra; i.e. the mystical geometric representation of the Supreme Goddess. 'SHAKTI' (Devi) is the Sanskrit word denoting power, or energy all Energy, whether we perceive it (from our perspective) as positive or negative. (It is the Shakta belief that there is no positive or negative energy. Love the desire of SHAKTI and SHIVA to Unite as One is the essence of all Creation. That why the KS envisions Devi 'IN COITUS' with Her Consort. This implies that SHAKTI (Energy) is fully animated by SHIVA (Consciousness) She is, in fact, in an eternal state of creative orgasm. That is the cosmic bliss we begin to access through our sadhana (spiritual disciplines). The human sexual impulse is merely a metaphor for the Cosmic Creative Impulse that creates that all we see and do not see. The KS is a very advanced, very powerful recitation from the Srividya school of Shaktism and yet it is totally within the reach of anyone who approaches it in a spirit of serious, sustained devotion and practice. It condenses a long series of complicated rituals into a very simple, easily achievable recitation/meditation that anyone can learn and hugely benefit from. The full pooja of the Devis of the Sri Chakra takes hours, because at each point we pause and do smaller, detailed poojas. Hence the sages of yore created this KS as an alternative, short-form recitation that is more suitable for the demands and time constrictions of modern life. According to one advanced Srividya upasak who is a member of this group: "All of the sadhana of Srividya can be achieved by the recitation of the Khadgamala. Hours of long ritual compressed to less than half an hour of intense meditation that will give you a ticket on the same plane as the great Srividya Upasakas. Even those who have not been initiated into Srividya can benefit from the Khadgamala. Stotras are one tool of Srividya upasana that is open to all categories of people. It does not have ritualistic injunctions of dos and donts. All you need do is recite; then, by and by, the Devis will become visible and you will feel the bliss of union with the ultimate and as one goes on, the necessary teachers will appear as if from thin air and guide you further. Listen and read till you know it by heart. Then listen only. Then stop even that. Just contemplate it in your mind. Sri Amritananda advises, As you are reciting each name, that yoginis portion of Sri Chakra should spring up in your imagination. The power comes from intensifying concentration to visualize the form, hear the sound, feel the touch, taste, and smell of the divine perfume of the [yogini] manifesting that part of the ever youthful Goddess. The Goddess loves fun. She is deeply in love with you, making you Siva. Dont worry if your recitation is awkward or your pronunciation is bad. It is said Bhava grAhI JanArdana (God understands the feeling and intent and does not bother about mistakes.) Also, in your meditation, do not try too hard to concentrate because you cannot!! Just recite, let the mind wander; let it do whatever it wants. Still the result will come. If one tries to concentrate, the body will become tense and the results will not appear. Once a day is ideal. So do it daily; and, if possible, at the same time and same place. But if your circumstances make that kind of commitment difficult or impossible, do not worry! Simply do it when you can. Especially when you are sad and/or facing a problem; just do it and you may well see miracles. Additional credits at the end of the video.


  • gopal narayan
    gopal narayan Hace 9 años

    jai gurudev om shivgoraksha divine work. jai maa om shakti gopal

  • srinivasballa balla
    srinivasballa balla Hace 5 años

    jai mata jai jai mata well my sister lila thankssssssss

  • Kv Rao
    Kv Rao Hace 5 años

    Lalitha sahastra mass totem

  • VK Agarwal
    VK Agarwal Hace 11 años

    Jai Mata Ki, Thanks for nice Stotra

  • Lakshmi prasanna
    Lakshmi prasanna Hace 5 años

    Om sri durga.

  • Elder Cole
    Elder Cole Hace 6 años

    Beautiful stotram, man!

  • bunneh87
    bunneh87 Hace 9 años

    Dhanebaad.. (L)

  • Vamanray Pathak
    Vamanray Pathak Hace 8 años

    Very very good stotra for nitya pooja

  • mayur shiv
    mayur shiv Hace 6 años

    Ammanavara stotra ke saatee ilaa

  • Jain Viswam
    Jain Viswam Hace 10 años

    my pranams to gurudev

  • Bhagya Jayababu
    Bhagya Jayababu Hace 6 años

    JAI Sri Devi 

  • Christopher LeBlanc
    Christopher LeBlanc Hace 11 años

    beautifully communicated and shared - thank you for this saintly communion namaste nameste nameste namaha

  • john robertson
    john robertson Hace 5 años

    after maha tripura sundari - is there a clerical error ??? can we please fix it??? how do we contact these wonderful people to tell them ??????????????????????

  • Punugu Vimala
    Punugu Vimala Hace 8 años

    Hi Namaste Please tell me the difference in chanting Sri Devi khadgamala sthotram and Sridevi khadgamala namavali Vimala Darbha


    Very crisp n clear stotram

  • Valerie Ramdin
    Valerie Ramdin Hace 5 años

    Lila Sakura .......Bless U! This is so beautiful.  I Love this.

  • R Vijayann
    R Vijayann Hace 5 años

    Tripura Vasini - The one who lives in all these three states

  • David Wenberg
    David Wenberg Hace 11 años

    Wonderful! Thanks for posting this beautiful video. :)

  • Jayshree Acharya
    Jayshree Acharya Hace 6 años

    Among all the versions, this one is the clearest, most precise rendition. Thank you for sharing. Sometimes the stotram does not play. It would be nice if you could kindly share the mp3 version (to or point me to where I could buy that version (if available). 

  • Keshava Phillips
    Keshava Phillips Hace 10 años

    Ive been looking for this on the net for years, thank you namaste namaste namaste namo namaha