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  • 1 sept. 2014


  • Ronnie Kahn
    Ronnie Kahn Hace 5 años

    The first time I met Chet Baker, he was playing at a little neighborhood club called Strykers on 97th & Columbus Avenue on Manhattan's Upper West Side. He was coming back after years of an extended period of absence, having diligently devoted himself to re-learning to play trumpet with dentures, which everybody told him could not be done. But he persevered and prevailed, and this was one of his first comeback gigs. Awesome! I never heard any trumpet sound like that! I don't think it could ever be captured on a recording: So intimate tender innovative & personal...sometimes just whispering & breathing infinite silence space&timelessness into his trumpet...He just loved music & making music so deeeeeeeeeply & innately: just making the purest finest most beautiful sounds and blissful ethereal effects. Chet Baker was truly a great Maestro of the highest degree, a natural-born precocious musical genius like Mozart!

  • The Latent Image
    The Latent Image Hace 3 años

    Probably the most awkward interviewer ever...

  • Terry Lack
    Terry Lack Hace 4 años

    To listen to Stan the man really is of a kind...and with Chet this band really cooks! These YouTube videos are magical....we are very fortunate to have them.

  • David Lang
    David Lang Hace 6 días (editado)

    This was such a lucky find on YouTube! The great Stan Getz and the incomparable Chet Baker!

  • H S
    H S Hace 5 años

    Bass – George Mraz

  • Michael O'Dwyer
    Michael O'Dwyer Hace 5 años

    God ! Baker breaks your  heart. Even Getz, tough wonderful player, is moved by Baker.

  • Jerry Zabin
    Jerry Zabin Hace 2 años

    Absolutely WONDERFUL!!! Thank you for posting these giants. I was fortunate to have seen Stan Getz on three occasions. Got to hang out with him for a bit when he played in Chicago at The Jazz Showcase and again at Rick's Cafe. WOW!!! And hearing and seeing Chet again. FANTASTIC. I sat through 2 mesmerizing sets when Chet played at The Jazz Showcase in Chicago. AMAZING to have this video available for all of us to see these legends in performance.

  • Ken Wilson
    Ken Wilson Hace 5 años

    Man, just enjoy this beautiful music! who cares what y'all know

  • Jeffrey G.
    Jeffrey G. Hace 5 años

    I dig Stan Getz. He is his own man and doesn't buy into the hype.

    NUJAKKCITIE Hace 5 años

    what a great vid! my two favourite players of all time!!

  • MrRatherino
    MrRatherino Hace 4 meses

    just as cool as I always imagined..and the two of them together..

  • Joshua
    Joshua Hace 2 meses

    Elegant and somber at the same time. Both of these great artists didn't live more than 10 year after this performance.

  • harpothehealer
    harpothehealer Hace 3 años

    I think You should always focus on the positive. To answer the question that is so often asked why are not more folk playing like Getz in todays world? Answer

  • Martin Kahl
    Martin Kahl Hace 1 año

    Living in NYC for my whole life..i am a musician...67 years...i saw and was touched by everyone in Jazz /Funk/R+R/Classical music EXCEPT This gift of the creator..Stan Getz...i

  • twangbarfly
    twangbarfly Hace 5 años

    Great - love Chet's scat solo at 27'50" - the melody is spot on and it's just his trumpet lines... without the trumpet. Brilliant!

  • BuckshotLaFunke1
    BuckshotLaFunke1 Hace 4 años

    Blimey, at

  • Vittorio Feliciano
    Vittorio Feliciano Hace 1 año (editado)


  • harpothehealer
    harpothehealer Hace 3 años

    As a gentleman has already stated further down on the comments just enjoy the music. I like many others way back when as a pro jazz sax man many years ago  studied The Prez Bird Rollins  Getz Dexter zoot Griffin Stitt,Turrentine etc and then Trane  and the different harmonical approach to find myself.   It's about individualism. Like all art you either like it or you don't , and that judgement in part can be influenced and changed by education. So every time you play it  the story should be different if your doing it right and then it's down to the listener  to experience it which will be unique to them. 

  • Steven Hartman
    Steven Hartman Hace 4 años

    Wow. Getz and Baker were two of the great Swing improvisers. Thanks for posting.

  • Doktorerna
    Doktorerna Hace 5 años

    "Miles Davis store idol". Så går det när dansbandsexperter pratar om jazz.