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  • 4 ene 2019

  • Have you noticed that most hooded eye tutorials only use brown! And they never show what to do with that annoying bit of loose skin! The best Brushes for your hooded eye! Blender Socket 1 Socket 2 Tight lining Pencil Brush SHOP WAYNE GOSS MAKEUP BRUSHES HERE: Subscribe to my second channel Social Links! ❤Twitter ❤ Instagram ❤ Facebook Popular Videos you might have missed! HOW TO CONTOUR THE MOST AMAZING MAKEUP TIP HOW TO MAKE PORES INVISIBLE STEP BY STEP EYESHADOW TUTORIAL HOW TO GET RID OF BLACKHEADS LIFE CHANGING FOUNDATION TIP KIM KARDASHIAN CONTOURING TIP LIFE CHANGING EYEBROW TIP NEW WAY TO APPLY MASCARA BEST LIQUID FOUNDATIONS Thank you for watching my youtube channel. My name is Wayne Goss and often known on youtube as gossmakeupartist. I give beauty tips, makeup techniques and reviews on all things makeup and skincare related. If you’re looking to pick up tips and tricks to up your makeup game, then i really hope you find this channel useful. I give beauty and makeup techniques that i hope will change the way you view makeup and make it a more fun and easy process. DISCLAIMER: Unless stated nothing in the video is sponsored or a paid advertisement. Please note however that i do sometimes include affiliate links. These do not effect the price you pay for products but allow me to make a small commission on sales if you do purchase. Your support is much appreciated. Thank you.


  • Karen Krista Tulinius
    Karen Krista Tulinius Hace 1 año

    Is this the makeup Bob Ross?

  • mars
    mars Hace 1 año

    I so appreciate that you used fingers and cheap sponges! Makeup isnt supposed to be about elitism!

  • nicolochan leo
    nicolochan leo Hace 1 año

    You're like the makeup Tony stark

  • Shandra Coplien
    Shandra Coplien Hace 1 año

    Omg! Finally someone who understands the frustration of the OUTER part of the eye dropping, it makes cat eyes and Smokey eyes almost impossible lol thanks for the video!

  • Ale
    Ale Hace 1 año

    Me: I can’t put on decent makeup because I’m the only woman with a non feminine eyes’ shape.

  • J Money
    J Money Hace 1 año

    taking a break from the drama gurus and re-watching some videos that are actually about makeup. thanks for being consistent with great content, you're the best ❤️

  • Gills Clark
    Gills Clark Hace 1 año

    I honestly haven't felt this sort of kindness from the beauty side of youtube in a hot

  • Alyssa Marescalco
    Alyssa Marescalco Hace 1 año

    I just want a professional to tell me what kind of eyes I have because I’m very confused

  • Praise Love
    Praise Love Hace 1 año

    Why aren't all beauty gurus as smart and kind as Goss .

  • Simran Nissa
    Simran Nissa Hace 1 año

    bob ross for paint

  • Chloey Noel
    Chloey Noel Hace 1 año

    He reminds me of a beauty guru version of Hugh Jackman 😂

  • Meep Meep
    Meep Meep Hace 11 meses

    I highly appreciate the little ZOOM IN feature You use. I didn’t find myself squinting or trying to focus hard on those sections

  • Lea Christine
    Lea Christine Hace 1 año

    I use your methods for my eyemakup and hooded eyes and even had the halal cart guy complement my eye makeup :) thank you

  • The Penny pinchers Palace

    Thank You for your straight to the point techniques. Love that there's no BS just getting straight to business.

  • Flea
    Flea Hace 1 año (editado)

    I really love that in 2019 I can watch a man tell me how to do my make up and gain some valuable insight. Gonna see if you have an eyeliner tutorial for hooded eyes, this is where I struggle.Thank you for the info!

  • writerspen010
    writerspen010 Hace 1 año

    I love it when my everyday techniques get validated by a pro 😌

  • Meagan Sanders
    Meagan Sanders Hace 1 año (editado)

    Words can't express how much I treasure you, Wayne.

  • Kathy Griffith
    Kathy Griffith Hace 1 año

    Finally a tutorial for hooded eyes that does not use all brown matte shades. I get so frustrated because I do not use brown shadows at all!! I love the shimmers and glitters and everyone says that's a no no for hooded eyes. (I still use them anyway haha)

  • Meechie69 Dabbing midlife crisis

    Ur the most educated, precise and not annoying beauty guru on YouTube

  • Amanda Cook
    Amanda Cook Hace 1 año

    I love your makeup tutorials. They are very informative, and you're so sweet and "do what makes you happy" it's fantastic!