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  • 3 oct. 2014


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    so he plays guitar, drums, piano, harmonica, and is an amazing singer and who knows what else? Sully is officially the god of music.

  • kmoseley66
    kmoseley66 Hace 2 meses

    My son, at the age of 18, took his life on July 1st. I played this song at his funeral, for his friends. There is something so special about this song that will forever be imprinted upon my heart. My boy was the Sully Erna of kindness and compassion, a true rock star.

  • Zeta Reticuli
    Zeta Reticuli Hace 2 años

    Irina is such a beautiful woman. You can just see the energy coming from her while she plays.

  • Jamie F.
    Jamie F. Hace 2 días

    This man is a living masterpiece

  • The Gnostic Immortal Vittorio

    He was great with godsmack but his solo stuff is absolutely wow.

  • outboundfrieght
    outboundfrieght Hace 8 meses

    When this man opens his mouth the heavens open up and the sounds of Angels enter your ear. To say he is AMAZING would be an understatement of epic proportion. Love you Sully. Yes she is also AMAZING and brings your mind to the edge of life.

  • Cheri Meil
    Cheri Meil Hace 5 años

    Absolutely perfect in every way. Its a masterpiece Sully!

  • Jeff Jones
    Jeff Jones Hace 1 año

    Sully is a beast, his songs strike so many emotions that I can't explain, ty Sully

  • D Hamm
    D Hamm Hace 10 meses

    I wish him and David Draiman would do a song together it would be epic. One ballad and one Metal

  • Jonathan Troy
    Jonathan Troy Hace 5 años

    Sully you are an absolute talent.. I'm new to rock, I just saw Godsmack when you guys came to Saginaw, MI and I'm very impressed. You can play every instrument known to man and your vocals are so sick!!!! Can't wait to hear your next solo album!!!!!!

  • Scotty dale Burton
    Scotty dale Burton Hace 8 meses


  • Rob Berry
    Rob Berry Hace 8 meses

    He is so talented I love this song sully is one of the best musicians of our time

  • Toni Phillips
    Toni Phillips Hace 9 meses

    This is a man in love with music. I love him and his voice.

  • Brian King
    Brian King Hace 8 meses

    One of those songs that you don't EVER want to end! Simply beautiful!

  • Franco 117
    Franco 117 Hace 2 meses

    You can imagine a kid up in his room playing this and his parents shouting "turn that noise up now"

  • Daniel Davey
    Daniel Davey Hace 5 meses

    This song helps me cope with the passing of my father. It's been over ten years but it still hurts like nothing else.

  • Doug Moran
    Doug Moran Hace 2 años (editado)

    This song just hits some real shit in life...

  • Michael Monagan
    Michael Monagan Hace 8 meses

    From years dealing w depression i feel a deep connection with this song

  • Brad L.
    Brad L. Hace 9 meses

    To feel someone else's soul through the music they produce is amazing. Many a moment, your powerful music and emotional lyrics have gotten so many through some very difficult times in life. Sully... thank you...🤘🏻💜

  • Jeff Roy
    Jeff Roy Hace 1 semana (editado)

    I lost my wife after a long battle with breast cancer. Until we breathe as one again....until then! See you in heaven someday baby!!!