Supernanny Season 7 Episode 10 The Potter Family Descargar

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  • 30 ene 2018

  • I believe its super important that everyone have full access to shows like Supernanny so that they can learn how to understand their children and their family's needs, so that they can be the best parents for their kids and create a strong family. I do not own or monetize these videos. All copyrights and monetization are by Warner Bro. International.


  • xAlissa • Smithx
    xAlissa • Smithx Hace 1 año

    Dad- "i don't feel like i get a lot of respect in this house."

  • Banana Boi
    Banana Boi Hace 8 meses

    They probably have a kid called Harry living under the stairs

  • Sarah Sabri
    Sarah Sabri Hace 8 meses

    I can’t believe they didn’t name one of their kids Harry

  • Josephine Damaschke
    Josephine Damaschke Hace 7 meses

    Jo: But you're not married to your mother.

    JUNGLE PRINCESS 123 Hace 8 meses

    Supernanny : Mary Poppins

  • Nathan Hall
    Nathan Hall Hace 8 meses

    Everyone is bashing the father for him in the beginning but is no one going to talk about how much he changed in a short time like I was genuinely shocked and happy

  • Mariah Horton
    Mariah Horton Hace 10 meses

    when noah was sitting on the stairs you could see the fear in his eyes looking at his father, like he was so scared to move and turn his back to his dad to go upstairs he just sat there frozen with the fear in his eyes

  • Robin Rose
    Robin Rose Hace 1 año

    I think the scariest part of this was Noah hiding in the box

  • Anne Nielsen
    Anne Nielsen Hace 11 meses

    When Jo was boxing the father, he finally remembered how he felt when he was growing up, and he suddenly realized what he was doing, and how that made his kids feel.

  • Kay
    Kay Hace 1 año

    seeing noah literally hide in a box to get away from his dad was so upsetting

  • Trey Tillotson
    Trey Tillotson Hace 10 meses

    Who’s reading this in 2020?

  • Tory Faith
    Tory Faith Hace 11 meses

    Dear sleep: I’m sorry I hated you when I was younger. But now I can’t get enough of you

  • mevs
    mevs Hace 6 meses

    "The potter family"

  • Veronica Anderson
    Veronica Anderson Hace 1 año

    Me: * already a fan of Jo Frost. Mondo respect for her *

  • KL
    KL Hace 2 años

    Jo should do a series where she goes into schools and handles disrespectful students!

  • malimillions
    malimillions Hace 1 año

    Yeesh i hate it when people confuse ‘respect’ with intimidation. Of course the child is going to try to get away. Its the only sane way to avoid escalation and violence.

  • Gianna
    Gianna Hace 6 meses

    In the preview when the kid was saying “Mom, tell him to stop” as his dad dragged him upstairs was really upsetting. 😕

  • Daisy Brosi
    Daisy Brosi Hace 10 meses

    Everyone is saying that they suspect that the dad is abusive when the cameras aren’t on. But I think that if the dad was actually abusive, he would not have agreed to be on the show at all

  • No One
    No One Hace 9 meses

    When you have no kids so you use this for your younger siblings

  • ForAllThe Foodies
    ForAllThe Foodies Hace 1 año

    When your not even a parent yet but supernanny got you super prepared 💯💯