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  • 21 jul. 2013

  • The tales of Panchatantra, perhaps, are the oldest stories known in the literature of India. Some believe that the fables of Panchatantra are as old as Rig-veda. Panch means five, and tantra refers to codes of conduct. The stories were largely based on animal characters, making it very interesting for children. These are moral based and are organized into five books on such topics as winning friends, losing property and waging war. The Best of Panchatantra Tales - Vol 1 includes the following stories: 1. A tale of Three Fish 00:04 2. The Mice that Ate Iron 06:06 3. The Blue Jackal 12:02 4. The Kind Thief 17:21 5. Never Trust a Stranger 23:07 Our YouTube Channels: English Channel: Hindi Channel: Kannada Channel: Tamil Channel: Telugu Channel: Gujarati Channel: Marathi Channel: Sindhi Channel: Bengali Channel: Academy Channel: Other Similar Videos: Stay Connected With Us : Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - Join Appu's Rhymes Club on FaceBook: Get our Android Apps: Get our eBooks: Subscribe now and be the first one to watch our new videos: To buy our Books and CDs, please visit us at