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  • 23 ago. 2015

  • The Endless Summer II


  • PWC222
    PWC222 Hace 3 años

    If you simply want to feel better, watch this movie. Magical.

  • Brother pine
    Brother pine Hace 4 años

    Greatest surfing movie of all time.

  • Michael Campbell
    Michael Campbell Hace 4 años

    Does anyone besides me regret living someplace where there are no beaches as they're watching this film?

  • Ewan Dewar
    Ewan Dewar Hace 1 año (editado)

    Bruce Brown's voice just makes you feel like surfing

  • Nekrocold
    Nekrocold Hace 5 años

    This brings back memories. Used to watch this so much as a kid.

  • Jonathan Bouic
    Jonathan Bouic Hace 2 años

    My dad started surfing after watching the first Endless Summer movie in 1973. When the second one came out in 1993, he brought my brother and I to the theater. We both started surfing the very next day. Couldn't thank you enough Bruce Brown! Rest in peace, Sir.

  • William Faughender
    William Faughender Hace 4 años

    Why would any person thumbs down the surfing bible!! Get out of here Kook!!!

  • moo moo
    moo moo Hace 2 años

    My first date at a drive in was for endless summer date was pissed cuz I just wanted to watch the movie!

  • Old School
    Old School Hace 1 año

    When I’m feeling down and depressed, like right now, this seems to be the only thing that helps me smile a little bit more. Thank you, Bruce, and Sur Fox for posting.

  • Jan Gal
    Jan Gal Hace 3 años

    Stuff was cool before Red Bull and the x games. Classic.

  • ambidextrousfapper
    ambidextrousfapper Hace 3 meses

    "Worlds smallest wave"

  • Darrell Tiencken
    Darrell Tiencken Hace 4 años

    The original Endless Summer was the movie that brought Surfing to the main stream but 2 may actually be better!

  • soldonhim
    soldonhim Hace 3 años

    I'm old and have never been on a surf board, but I found this very entertaining and informative.

  • calleaeste junior
    calleaeste junior Hace 2 años

    R.I.P. Bruce Brown

  • Carter forreal
    Carter forreal Hace 3 años

    thank you so much for this. it will forever remind me of my youth.

  • RabbitTV
    RabbitTV Hace 4 años

    Possibly the greatest Surf Film ever created.

  • RC Hunter
    RC Hunter Hace 4 años

    This movie made me buy a Robert August Wingnut replica in the 90's, I've ridden the shit outta that board, i have so many good memories. I saw a board go around the world and surf anything. That was me. I still have that 9'6" hanging out ready to go! Bought it in Huntington Beach surf n sport, i'll never forget that day, and i always revisit and check out the OG endless summer boards.

  • uǝslıN ʞɹnʞS
    uǝslıN ʞɹnʞS Hace 4 años

    Epic camerawork!

  • gg_edits
    gg_edits Hace 2 semanas

    anyone know the soundtrack tom currens listening to when he is surfing?

  • Devin Tanner
    Devin Tanner Hace 2 años

    The surf. Was. Epic.