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  • 8 oct. 2012

  • The Mentalist S05E02 "Devil's Cherry" Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) Charlotte (Dove Cameron) @DoveCameron Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney) Wayne Rigsby (Owain Yeoman) @OYeoman


  • Radmee Ridders
    Radmee Ridders Hace 6 años

    when he says 'wait', i die everytime...its heartbreaking

  • stephen anderson
    stephen anderson Hace 1 año

    "Don't roll your eyes at me" I bet that's something he's always wanted to say to his daughter ❤️

  • GoodGuy
    GoodGuy Hace 9 meses

    Gotta say, comment section under every mentalist video is the most polite and wholesome thing i`ve ever seen on youtube.

  • MetalSandman999
    MetalSandman999 Hace 5 años

    If there was ever a show that could take a man in a suit and vest, have him spend the whole episode acid-tripping after drinking tea made with magic flowers, and yet still hit you right in the feels by the end of it, it would be the Mentalist.

  • Lord Sinbad
    Lord Sinbad Hace 1 año

    The end scene gets even sadder when you see Jane at the end of the episode trying to hallucinate again. I cried for once in this show

  • bec lm
    bec lm Hace 5 años

    Dove Cameron is so talented 

  • XxViolentYoshixX2
    XxViolentYoshixX2 Hace 4 años

    this scene is so sad at the end. i can see all his emotion of sadness in his face as she walks away hoping she'd stay just a little bit longer. poor jane.

  • darakke
    darakke Hace 7 años

    "Wait". Officially the saddest word in the English language.

  • Red John
    Red John Hace 6 años

    I am sorry Patrick...

  • Abinash Tripathy
    Abinash Tripathy Hace 2 años

    The ending of this episode is really heart touching, later in the episode we find out what made him see her, at the of the episode, Jane drinks the same tea on purpose....to be able to see her again... I cried the first time I saw the episode. This another reason why I love Mentalist.

  • Sarah Nabil
    Sarah Nabil Hace 5 años

    Simon's talents #62726:

  • Hooverblox
    Hooverblox Hace 1 año

    the interesting thing about this scene is that Charlotte isn't real - she's a manifestation of what Jane either thinks or at least what his family would think. He knows his family don't care what happens to Red John, he knows that he's obsessed and he hasn't fully dealt with what happened to him.

  • 誘惑のマラテ
    誘惑のマラテ Hace 2 años

    Simon Baker's shift of facial expression at the end, people, THIS is acting at its finest!

  • Garcia Guerrero Patricio

    Girls: boys will never knew what is true sadness

  • Ryan Quines
    Ryan Quines Hace 4 años

    I don't even watch the mentalist but this scene is hitting me right in the feels.

  • Ajinkya Pawar
    Ajinkya Pawar Hace 3 años

    That moment when he says wait. All my emotions came out ;(

  • Briga Bee
    Briga Bee Hace 6 años

    The way they both looked at him and turned back to the bag at the same time, gah. Jane and his daughter being Jane and his daugher

  • Adobo Flakes
    Adobo Flakes Hace 1 mes

    I love how they also make her feel a part of the scenes by having her react to certain things and not just Patrick. That part with her reacting to the "you don't need to look in there" made me forget for a split second that she's a hallucination.

  • Aty S. Behsam
    Aty S. Behsam Hace 6 años

    Simon Baker... amazing amazing actor. He was born for this role.

  • msinvincible2000
    msinvincible2000 Hace 5 años

    This is so sad!!!!!! And Jane's daugter is so beautiful, like an angel