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  • 26 jun. 2019

  • Thank you for watching this powerful interview with Matthew Hussey! Check out the show notes here: Matthew Hussey is a speaker, New York Times Bestselling author, columnist for Cosmopolitan Magazine, and dating expert on ABC’s digital series What To Text Him Back. His corporate clients include Hugo Boss, The Perfume Shop, Virgin Gyms, Procter & Gamble, Bare Escentuals, U.S. legal giant Weil Gotshal & Manges, and global management consultants Accenture. 50,000 women have attended his live events and he has reached over 10 million online. Matthew says that the “activation energy” for starting relationships is lower than ever. This causes ghosting. People are less invested in relationships. But there are ways you can meet people indirectly. So get ready to learn the three things you need to build a great relationship on Episode 811. Follow Matthew Hussey here: You can follow Lewis at: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: SnapChat: ----- Lewis Howes' New Book - The Mask of Masculinity ----- Lewis Howes is a NY Times Bestselling author, entrepreneur, and former professional Arena League football player. He hosts The School of Greatness, a talk show distributed as a podcast. Learn and hear the stories of various successful people around the world, become inspired, motivated and educated with the SCHOOL OF GREATNESS.


  • The Roommates
    The Roommates Hace 1 año

    Matthew and Lewis are back at it again with another fabulous episode. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and insight that continues to bless and inspire our generation. Thank you also for leading by example as two men who are not only teaching the world much practical wisdom but also applying to your own personal life and relationships.

  • Breeny Lee
    Breeny Lee Hace 1 año

    Two men having a REAL VULNERABLE conversation, now this is true Masculinity! Absolutely beautiful! I’ve been watching Matthew since the beginning and it’s amazing to see where he’s at now with it, another great interview Lewis Howes ♥️

  • Frank James
    Frank James Hace 1 año

    big fan of Matthew's, so excited to watch this interview. thanks, Lewis!

  • LandryattheBayou
    LandryattheBayou Hace 1 año

    “You made me feel safe, seen, and you made me wanna be a better person.” Thanks Lewis and Matthew. I shall treasure those words for a long time.

  • Clair Moreau
    Clair Moreau Hace 1 año

    He looks sad from his own break up I think. It happens to us all sadly. Sorry Matthew! xoxoxo

  • Lee Forde
    Lee Forde Hace 1 año

    I LOVE how raw Matthew is getting lately. Wonderful interview🙏🏽

  • DayNa
    DayNa Hace 1 año

    "you can be in love and unhappy!" -- We DO need to start worrying more about happiness! I love Mathew!

  • deprofundis
    deprofundis Hace 1 año (editado)

    Foundations for a commitment "castle":

  • Sherri Lillian
    Sherri Lillian Hace 1 año

    Lewis, you’re a great interviewer. I love how you allow your guests to talk without interrupting them. You listen intently with respect. This in turn makes your guests comfortable and more open. This openness makes a great interview therefore adding value to the lives of your viewers. You truly have a gift. I’ve seen a number of very famous people with large platforms who do not have what you have. Thank you for sharing and being true to who you are.

  • Ashley C
    Ashley C Hace 1 año

    THANK YOU for leaving in the part where Matthew lost his train of thought - this was such a breath of fresh air. Loved the humanity. Loved the uncertainty. Loved the realness. He was a role model of bravery in showing up in imperfection. Grateful for both of you holding space for this conversation.

  • Selyna Bogino
    Selyna Bogino Hace 1 año

    This is becoming my favourite bromance!

  • Julie W
    Julie W Hace 1 año

    "You can be in love and be really unhappy." Wow. That just blew me away.

  • Terri Brown
    Terri Brown Hace 1 año

    Find love hell I can't even find A DATE

  • Gabrielle Angel Lilly
    Gabrielle Angel Lilly Hace 1 año

    "Relationships are about the trash cans, man." I love it. Much love to both of you. I appreciate conversations like this very much.

  • Carina Olives
    Carina Olives Hace 1 año (editado)

    If more men and women had these types of REAL conversations, based on vulnerability and selflessness in relationships, I believe we would live in a world with less sexism, gender neutrality and the utmost respect for each other. It just might lessen the catty and egotistical response we often run to.

  • Kyla Kurapica
    Kyla Kurapica Hace 11 meses (editado)

    "we should educate our partner about how we love or should be loved not from an arrogant way, but from a loving place" - matthew hussey

  • Britanny B
    Britanny B Hace 1 año

    It really is like Matthew just grew up. I wish you would’ve asked him about monogamy though. I have a feeling he no longer believes in it as much as he did when he first started off in the dating industry.

  • AkumaCode
    AkumaCode Hace 1 año (editado)

    Thank you Lewis and Matthew for this video. It was the realest conversation about relationships I've seen on youtube. It was like the type of conversation I would have with my friends on the couch

  • Misshazel82
    Misshazel82 Hace 1 año

    "Relationship is a castle with secret passages only you know about, where a wall gets knocked down and you build it back up again" ❤❤❤

  • ZGwoo888
    ZGwoo888 Hace 1 año

    Always love when you bring Matthew. He drops a lot of wisdom, really love the castle analogy and playing the tambourine! All about teamwork 💪🏽