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  • 3 feb. 2014

  • 'Love, Marriage, & Divorce' starring Toni Braxton & Babyface is available now: Music video by Toni Braxton, Babyface performing The D Word. (C) 2014 Motown Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


  • Liviu Ungureanu
    Liviu Ungureanu Hace 4 años

    Now I don't remember when was the last time I listened to an entire album without removing my headphones even for a short break. Their work is outstanding. Smooth, soft, soulful, oh so emotional... This is a phenomenal piece of human musical creation. Babyface's music is like a good wine, it only gets better with time, and Toni's voice and vibes feel so "at home" close to him. A Grammy well deserved. Hats off, thank you! ... I'm still a bit shocked and I still keep listening lol

  • Darius Smith
    Darius Smith Hace 5 años

    This album deserved a grammy. Pure artistry. I used to drive 18 wheelers so I was always on the road. My relationship after 2 years ended while I was out of town, away from home. The worst thing I've endured besides the passing of my mother. Anyway, I ran this album in the ground. I played it a good 3 months straight. This album helped me cope and understand the pain and anger. This album helped heal my broken heart. I was a wreck! I cried many nights but I'm in a better place now.....Grown folks music

  • Leungo Rakola
    Leungo Rakola Hace 5 años

    this song is so sad. sometimes we never understand why we meet people we love so much and who just feel right, only to part with them. love is something i can never understand. but even though you love someone, sometimes you just need to accept that things aren't working out and let them go.

  • The New World Order
    The New World Order Hace 4 años

    I never liked the sound of single.. It don't sound good to me.. Tell me how I'm supposed to mingle, when you're all I wanna see?

  • Yo Shann
    Yo Shann Hace 4 años

    They sound just as good today, if not better, than they did in the 90's. These two don't make music - they make MAGIC!

  • Julio Salinas
    Julio Salinas Hace 6 años

    The best song on the album, hands down!

  • juicylykapeach
    juicylykapeach Hace 4 años

    Toni on those background vocals !!!!! Babyyyyyy, if that woman isn't amazing !!! Her voice is like pouring a bottle of Fiji water into a into an expensive champagne glass .. Flows like water !!

  • Jermaine
    Jermaine Hace 5 años

    This song gives me some of that old Sade vibe too

  • Tama Smallman
    Tama Smallman Hace 6 años

    Toni's voice in the chorus is MAJOR!!!

  • rachelle5694
    rachelle5694 Hace 4 años

    Do I hear a SADE influence? Hmm ;)

  • China Cee
    China Cee Hace 4 años

    You have to have gone through something to write a song this good!

  • Alwayz One Hunnit
    Alwayz One Hunnit Hace 5 años

    I watched/ listened to their interview on the Breakfast Club and she stated that she had a crush on him but he always looked at her like a little sister. (I appreciate how he maintained a high level of respect for not only her as a woman but their friendship, partnership and you know, being real at base instead of 'sampling' her and leading her into something that he knows won't work). He knew & respected that boundary which you can tell... he care for her on a plutonic level rather than romantically. He's a real man for that. However, he stated that he is currently a newly wed but Toni is still single.

  • Ledrick DaGreat
    Ledrick DaGreat Hace 3 años

    To my ex wife"although we're apart your still on my heart for ever and ever"

  • Andrew
    Andrew Hace 6 años

    That Toni voice...damn!

  • Mary Jane
    Mary Jane Hace 6 años

    This song helped me remember how good our music in the 90's was. Today's music is trash compared to this

  • smoothiota4
    smoothiota4 Hace 6 años

    Sometimes the people we love the most are the ones we hurt the most--and sometimes the pain is so deep. there's no way you can stay together. However, the love is still there--sometimes...forever and ever.

  • President Tumi-Anne
    President Tumi-Anne Hace 6 años

    Favourite song of the album, along with Reunited, Roller Coaster, I Wish, Hurt you.. Ugrh, the whole album is the bomb to me

  • BarrettL1970
    BarrettL1970 Hace 3 años

    Toni's cascading chorus keeps you locked in. Perfect duo!

  • Litgal78
    Litgal78 Hace 4 años

    This album helped me get through my divorce, and still does for over two years now. The love and hate that is part of the process is evident in the music. So passionate and I will always be grateful to Toni and Babyface. 💜

  • katelyn glover
    katelyn glover Hace 6 años

    I enjoyed this whole album.. They work great together love the chemistry between the two, Toni's voice is Heaven sent😍😌💕❤️.