WHO IS THE FOURTH MAN? DANIEL 3. 25 Ministering in Johannesburg, South Africa Descargar

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  • 18 mar. 2014

  • Rev Lucy Natasha Preaching WHO IS THE FOURTH MAN? Daniel 3. Ministering in the Republic of South Africa with Bishop Freddy Edwards. Prayerline +254 712 787878 TO PARTNER WITH OUR MINISTRY, PLEASE USE THE FOLLOWING DETAILS: Mpesa +254 710 842121 Our international partners can partner by clicking here https://bit.ly/2VvvK1t (to give through card or Paypal) #MiracleMondayService #NairobiCityCenter #Oracle1Tv


  • Linet Moyo
    Linet Moyo Hace 1 año

    I'm touched this woman she is amazing the way she is mentioning the bible vrvs I'm shocked ..amazing grace

  • Rose Wangari
    Rose Wangari Hace 1 año

    This is my point of reflection I always come back here always to know who is the 4th man glory to God

  • Malika Sheikha
    Malika Sheikha Hace 3 años

    Rev Natasha you are a highly talented, knowledgeable preacher. You are a blessing to this generation.

  • Hilaria Jorse
    Hilaria Jorse Hace 4 años

    I can't believe I am only hearing you now....

  • Njunge Wa Njoroge
    Njunge Wa Njoroge Hace 5 años

    This woman is surely anointed, knows her stuff and damn beautiful.Representing the kingdom of God for what it is. Glory to God!

    PATRICK AKUOKO Hace 1 año

    I don't know what to say, this minister has bless me and family, I can't stop listening to her. She is my true spiritual Mother.. ...Rev. I love you soooo much

  • Kyle John Jnr.
    Kyle John Jnr. Hace 5 años

    May GOD The Almighty Father Bless Us.

  • Lidia ARuba Aruba
    Lidia ARuba Aruba Hace 4 años

    Ohhh i receeive in Jesus name

  • Ms Belle
    Ms Belle Hace 3 años

    Jesus...who is this daughter, fireeeee🔥🔥🔥

  • James Mbote
    James Mbote Hace 4 años

    you always inspire me. may the Lord continue enlarging you, your enemies will never defeat you.

  • Zokli Victoria Yawa
    Zokli Victoria Yawa Hace 11 meses

    Woman of God you didn't just start you were called 🙏🙏🙏

  • Dickson Were
    Dickson Were Hace 5 años

    what a powerful sermon.....my God bless you woman of God!!#Mrkawangware

  • Lyne boitt
    Lyne boitt Hace 11 meses

    Am blessed,may God lead me to know bible too....

    LEAH KHADONDI Hace 6 años

    Rev, you are a blessing, i first met you when you visited and preached to us in JIAM in the ladies meeting and i got to buy your message "WHO S THE FOURTH MAN" this message has never stopped blessing my life, i love you and may God keep using you greatly mwaaaaaah!

  • Ashford Hinga
    Ashford Hinga Hace 4 años

    this is the best sermon of all tymes, so far have listerned to it more than 6 times n ready to hear it 1000 times

    DANIEL MANJO Hace 5 años

    i relly bless  my sistar n woman of GOD.GOD  BLESS U,

    NTOMBI NKONYANA Hace 1 año

    I feel crying this women is inspired me when I feel week she upload me always when I listen his preaching.. I need the record how can I get it. I'm m staying in South Africa

  • James Mbote
    James Mbote Hace 4 años

    you always inspire me. may the Lord continue enlarging you, your enemies will never defeat you.

  • felix tshowa
    felix tshowa Hace 3 años

    My God, what a powerful message. May the lord keep on using you at the highest level

  • Zed okello
    Zed okello Hace 5 años (editado)

    Am not alone in this situation,