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  • 11 may. 2019

  • Size 177x67 cm height 88 cm For this workbench manufacture, I used: - wood species: Pine oak - beech dowel----8 m - glue - epoxy resin - oil wax (color - TEAK) - aqua-antiseptic (color - rosewood) length width thickness---mm 1:25 - Pine wood board 1680 х 80 х 45 ---13 pcs 3:36 -Oak board 1680 х 100 х 45 ---2 pcs 5:05 - Oak board 670 х 100 х 45 ---2 pcs 10:12 - Oak 650 х 20 х 10 -- 18 pcs 11:31- Epoxy resin 12:50 - Oak 830 х 100 х 100 -- 4 pcs 15:44 - Oak 580 х 70 х 40 -- 2 pcs 16:37 -Oak 490 х 100 х 45 -- 2 pcs 18:58 - Oak 1270 х 100 х 45 -- 2 pcs 22:42 - plywood 1005 х 490 х 12 -- 1 pcs ▶ Instagram: ▶ My email: #workbench #homemade #woodworking


  • Mr.Vereshchak
    Mr.Vereshchak Hace 1 año

    Часть 2 -

  • andrei andreev
    andrei andreev Hace 1 año


  • Do Go 24H
    Do Go 24H Hace 7 meses

    The Table is very nicel and and useful!

  • Андрей Скочилов

    Это не просто, столярный стол.

  • Антон Камышов

    Отличая работа , МОЛОДЕЦ !!!!

  • DJ Abbt
    DJ Abbt Hace 10 meses

    Looks really good at the moment, a lot of detail, but; you didn't show it, did you seal the underside of the top? Also big potential problem is the fact that your centre part of the top will expand and contract with the seasons. The forces generated with any expansion will destroy the outer oak surround, warp or else leave gaps.

  • Vladimir Yakimchenko
    Vladimir Yakimchenko Hace 10 meses

    И как на yем работать? На такую красоту только любоваться. :-)

  • X JWill
    X JWill Hace 4 días

    That's what I call "designed to fail". Wood movement will eventually make those cross-grain glue joints pull apart, crack, and split.

  • Азамат Бабугоев

    Это просто шедеврально!!! Смотрел от начало до конца, затаив дыхание.

  • Peter Tholen
    Peter Tholen Hace 7 meses

    Beautiful work bench but a lot of work! I made a simple work bench with a 50mm plywood door covered with 1.8mm steel plating and stiffened on the underside by 4 longitudinals (80*50).

  • Сергей Мазурин

    Если бы я такой верстак сделал, то передумал бы на нем работать и поставил на кухню :)

  • Николай Горюнов

    В восторге, за любовь к делу спасибо.

  • Emma Sim
    Emma Sim Hace 9 meses

    I've found great e-book on woodprix. Good solutions for everyone I think.

  • Alex Basov
    Alex Basov Hace 8 meses

    Крутой верстак, парни , самый жирный лайк держите!!!

  • yosserc
    yosserc Hace 8 meses

    Good stuff! I'm surprised at your aversion to leaving any screws in the piece and insisting in dowel rod instead. It's a lot of extra work for a tool! Still ....... it looks very good and you've used a lot of skill in the making.

  • quantum life
    quantum life Hace 9 meses

    the build is strait forward and very satisfying

  • Gary Schultz
    Gary Schultz Hace 7 meses

    Craftsmanship is a universal language, you speak it very well. Thank you for this video.

  • Braxtly Tools
    Braxtly Tools Hace 7 meses

    very cool! We are definitely sharing this on social media!!!

  • MrKeyboardCommando
    MrKeyboardCommando Hace 8 meses

    If I tried this, I'd end-up with a month's supply of firewood‼️😫😫😫

  • Арсен
    Арсен Hace 1 año

    Столик песня давно думал такой сделать да все руки не доходили,теперь точно начну делать,спасибо мастеру что вдохновил👍👍👍🏆🔨✏📐🍻