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  • 2 may. 2009

  • ↠ Song: Xepher ↠ Artist: Tatsh ↠ Background: http://www.zerochan.net/beatmania,Wal... ↠ MP3: https://stream.myfreemp3.click/kjEAv:... ~Lyrics~ Existing in this place now are uncleanable lies I wonder when it has begun How far do I have to go to see the light? Stars in your eyes Stars in your heart You will live in shadow of shade and commit eighth sin Unrequited existence will turn Everything into sin --------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: I do not own the song! It belongs to their rightful owners. I only made the video.


  • XMiiSsDDRGirlX
    XMiiSsDDRGirlX Hace 2 años

    Guys, finally over 1M views in 9 years, that means a lot to me! I mean, it's still weird to me that a lot of people still listens to this song, many years later… But I'm very glad! So thank you so much for everything! xxx

  • KonekoKitten
    KonekoKitten Hace 10 meses

    it's remarkable to me how this song originally came out in 2005. the production was truly ahead of its time and still holds up super well to this day

  • TekRobo
    TekRobo Hace 1 año

    This song sounds like you're having a dance battle with God on top of a cathedral

  • XMiiSsDDRGirlX
    XMiiSsDDRGirlX Hace 9 meses


  • KrzyWasabi
    KrzyWasabi Hace 1 mes

    apparently this was suppose to be the opening song for an anime but it got cancelled... ah well, at least we got to listen to this masterpiece in a dancing game lol

  • Doop Doop
    Doop Doop Hace 3 años

    Yo, if you had ddr for gym class back in elementary and you beat this song, you would be considered a god amongst the other kids.

  • dan9er
    dan9er Hace 4 años

    It's not "I have to go to see season 9", but (probably) "I have to go to see the light(ght)"

  • frutti
    frutti Hace 4 meses (editado)

    Imagine this while listening to the music. A composer playing a giant piano organ in a great hall between two large windows. As lighting is striking in the windows on both sides, the composer is playing to the beat with and against the light storm outside. His sweat did not distract him, the aching in his fingers will not stop him from playing. He keeps playing until he beats the storm because his playing out is soul. How I imagine a scene for this song.

  • VeryQuestioning
    VeryQuestioning Hace 5 años


  • 田中おせち
    田中おせち Hace 4 años

    Existing in this place now are uncleanable lies

  • CharizardCommander
    CharizardCommander Hace 4 años

    this song should be multi-platinum for all the quarters I put into it, alone.

  • Neko Medic
    Neko Medic Hace 1 año

    remember when everyone tought this was an anime opening and freaked out trying to find it?

  • Lionstaring
    Lionstaring Hace 2 años

    After all these years never have I thought I will hear this song I played so many times on DDR 6-7 Years ago

  • Niko from Undertale
    Niko from Undertale Hace 2 años

    Henez accidentally the RotMG

  • ガツ刺しマン
    ガツ刺しマン Hace 8 meses


  • ゆりっぺ
    ゆりっぺ Hace 4 meses (editado)


  • XMiiSsDDRGirlX
    XMiiSsDDRGirlX Hace 3 años

    Wow, I would say that my account is "close" because I don't use it anymore, but I see how many views this video has, and it's incredible ! I can't believe you still listen to this song in 2017. Thanks to everyone, you guys are awesome 3

  • Cristina Maribel Mansilla Horna


  • Toe 98
    Toe 98 Hace 1 año

    I remember hearing this song in a ytp of land before time

  • MARKFA 91
    MARKFA 91 Hace 1 año

    Looks like the end of a game vs the final boss (vampire is the best option for this theme)