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  • 20 abr. 2017

  • This video is viewer inspired as so many have been asking for real time pastel paintings. They are of course much longer than the speed paintings, but they allow you to really analyze the process. Also, I give lots of instruction while painting and try to answer a lot of viewer questions. It was a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy it. Also, since the making of this video I learned how to make my homemade basecoat lighter.... thanks to artist, Rita Kirkman. If you would like to know how to do that, check out here video here: For those of you who like speed paintings, I'm going to be uploading a speed painting of this one as well. Blessings! Artist website: To purchase "The Mountain Queen": Artist Blog: Facebook:


  • Dee Martella
    Dee Martella Hace 3 años


  • Steve Beard
    Steve Beard Hace 3 años

    Would like the music turned down as I found it difficult to concentrate on what your saying, thank you...

  • Wild Portrait Artist
    Wild Portrait Artist Hace 3 años

    Gosh, I can't get over how beautiful your pastel art is! The way you use colour is just incredible. Such vivid paintings. Beautiful :)

  • Diana Braswell
    Diana Braswell Hace 3 años

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUCH A WONDRFUL LESSON, I broke my pastels out again today after many years of being in storage, some are dry and brittle some not, but I so enjoyed the journey they took me on today, so glad I found you, what a blessing you are. Would love to do beach and ocean wave scenes ?????

  • Patti Howe
    Patti Howe Hace 3 años

    Thank you ! Such a beautiful lesson and finished painting. Love going through your thought process with you as you paint.

  • Libby Funtera
    Libby Funtera Hace 3 años

    Actually I love the music. Loved watching this video as I am eager to get back into pastel. Thank you so much.

  • Julie Haines
    Julie Haines Hace 2 años

    Have you tried a plastic eraser to blend in? It tends to push the pastel into the surface rather than rub it off. It can be cut into points as well for detail.

  • Judy Hackett
    Judy Hackett Hace 3 años

    Thank you so much for being willing to freely give your knowledge, skills, and time to us. I can't express how much I'm learning from all the YouTube videos. What a blessing!

  • Elaine McBride
    Elaine McBride Hace 3 años

    Thank you so much. Love your work and teaching. All His blessings to you, too.

  • Mike Norton
    Mike Norton Hace 3 años

    I took up oil painting recently and am immersed. But with a trip to Provence in France in a few months, I've decided to take pastels for ease of travel. I like your training!

  • Christina Leung
    Christina Leung Hace 3 años

    What I like about your paintings is that you can see a variety of colors in the meadows whereas I could only see blue and green. It's very relaxing just by watching you paint !

  • Ann Marie
    Ann Marie Hace 2 años

    Thank you! Enjoyed watching it come to life! Also loved the "sound" of the pastels. The sound is a big part to me.

  • Brooke Ford
    Brooke Ford Hace 2 años

    Ohhhhh, I just love the real time painting lessons. This is beautiful. What I'm hoping to see in the future is more Spring and Summer paintings. Bright light and happiness!! Flowers and water, of course. Personally I am not fond of the speed paintings because I feel I miss so much of the process. But I watch them all. Thank you.

  • Brooke Ford
    Brooke Ford Hace 2 años

    I learn so much from you, but I would like to see your reference photos. Actually, I'd like to print out the reference photo(s) so I could work and learn along with you and learn that way.

  • Barbara T
    Barbara T Hace 3 años

    Your work is so beautiful and inspiring, thank you for sharing.

  • sylvianblue
    sylvianblue Hace 3 años

    Wow, I learnt a LOT watching that. Thank you so much.

  • Shirley Harley
    Shirley Harley Hace 1 año


  • scooterose100
    scooterose100 Hace 3 años

    Great instruction and beautiful work! Thanks so much for this wonderful demonstration!

  • Marg Chase
    Marg Chase Hace 2 años

    Thank you for sharing the process for this beautiful masterpiece ...I loved what you were saying as well🙏

  • diana pueppke
    diana pueppke Hace 2 años

    I love your videos on pastel painting. I really wish you would somehow show your photograph that you are using alongside your painting. Thanks for taking the time to demonstrate how to pastel paint.